Apple Ipod Reset Ipod Touch Reset And Ipod Shuffle Nano Hard Reset

how to reset apple ipod

Ipod reset is very useful for ipod troubleshooting. If your ipod is freeze or stuck reset it, if your ipod hang or not working smoothly reset your ipod touch or ipod shuffle.  Ipod resetting will delete all your data like bookmarks, songs, music, hd movies, calendar, date, songs etc. so it is advisable to take back up regularly or it is better to transfer songs movies music from ipod to itunes every week or copy all photos, album, selfie from ipod to laptop or ipod to computer. This will prevent loss of ipod data. And you can restore all of your ipod data back to your ipod after hard resetting your ipod

There are many ipod varieties like apple ipod touch, ipod classic, ipod shuffle, ipod mini and ipod nano. Each has many products like ipod touch fourth, fifth and sixth generation, ipod nano seveth generation etc. it is very difficult to provide ipod reset procedure for each and every apple ipod model.

Here I am explaining ipod reset procedure for ipod touch, ipod touch wheel, ipod classic and ipod with dock connector. And from this you can have idea how to reset other ipod also.

How to reset apple ipod (touch wheel) 10gb and 20 gb

There is a hold switch on the top of ipod touch wheel. Slide hold switch to locked position and move back hold switch to original position.

Now simultaneously press menu button –which is at the top side of touch wheel and play pause button –which is opposite to menu button on touch wheel. Hold menu button and play pause button of ipod touch wheel for 6 to 8 second until you see apple logo on ipod screen. If ipod logo doesn’t come on screen repeat the above procedure. Now your ipod touch reset to factory setting.

Reset ipod classic 160 gb , 80 gb and 60 gb :

Make sure ipod classic have charged battery or keep connected ipod classic 160 gb, 80 gb to power supply or with computer while resetting ipod classic.

Now keep pressing and hold menu button and play button of ipod classic. Menu button is at below the ipod screen and at top side of center button and play button is at the bottom side of center button. Keep holding menu and play pause button for 8 to 10 seconds.  Once apple logo comes on your ipod screen release both the buttons. This will hard reset your ipod classic.

Here is the second method for apple ipod classic 160 gb resetting :

There is a hold switch on the top side of ipod classic. Toggle the hold switch to locking position and again back to original position.  Or turn off your ipod classic 160 gb. And when you turn on ipod classic, simultaneously press and hold menu button and center button for 8 to 10 second. Menu button is just below the ipod classic screen. Once apple logo appears on ipod classic screen, release both menu and center button. This will hard reset your ipod classic 160 gb.

How to hard reset apple Ipod with dock connector & 20gb 30 gb and 40 gb ipod with dock connector resetting:

Ipod with dock connector have touch wheel and this ipod with dock connector is third generation ipod.

First turn off iPod. Then keep connected ipod to power supply and then turn hold switch -which is at top side of ipod just near to headphone jack- to locked position and again back to original position.

Then after continuously press and hold menu button and play button. Menu button is at just below the ipod screen and it is second button after rewind button and play pause button is 3rd button after menu button. Menu is written at menu button and there is an invert triangle symbol for play pause button. Keep holding menu and play button for 6 to 8 second until the apple logo appear on ipod screen. This will reset ipod with dock connector.

If apple logo not appear on ipod screen that repeat the above procedure.

Above procedure have enogh information for any apple ipod resetting. I hope you can reset your ipod by yourself.

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