Global 3D Scanner Market is estimated to reach USD 8.02 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 7.89%

Overview: To capture the various details of real-world objects, 3D scanners are the devices used widely. Details include properties, such as dimensions, and color, texture, which can then be...


To capture the various details of real-world objects, 3D scanners are the devices used widely. Details include properties, such as dimensions, and color, texture, which can then be utilized to recreate 3D models. Even though 3D scanners have not penetrated much into residential and private settings as of today, industries like as entertainment and media, for the production of movies and video games uses 3D scanning devices. Other industrial areas, where these devices are found to be of great use are automotive, aerospace, construction, architecture, and healthcare, and others. These devices are also used in Computer Aided Designing (CAD) for designing purposes. It’s gaining popularity has become an attracting factor for many industries.

In the year 2016, Global 3D Scanner Market was valued at USD 4.05 Billion, and by the year 2025, it is estimated to reach USD 8.02 Billion at a growing CAGR of 7.89%.

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Drivers and Restraints:

Global 3D Scanner Market is estimated to grow in forecasted period owing to supporting factors such as growing demand from various industries such as aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries, growing utilization of 3D scanners in designing customized objects, rising demand for recreating and modifying actual objects. Other factors like accuracy, quicker analysis of products, integrating of 3D scanners in designing software such as Computer Aided Designing, growing utilization in forensics, crime investigation, and in designing of jewelry & fashion accessories. In addition, increasing disposable incomes, and per capita incomes of emerging economies are estimated to drive the market.

Geographic Segmentation

Based on geography, North America is estimated to be leasing the Global 3D Scanner Market due to adaption of advanced technology in the region and presence of major players in the region. According to the statistics of United States Department of Commerce, United States Aerospace industry alone contributed USD 118.5 Billion to the nation’s economy. In addition, United States is being the major exporter of the 3D scanning devices globally.   The Asia Pacific region is also estimated to grow at greater pace in forecasted period with highest CAGR value owing to presence of major economies such as China and India, and rapid growth of demand for these devices in the region.

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Key Players in Global 3D Scanner Market:

The major industries competing in the global market include Paracosm, Inc. (US), 3D Scanco (US), Trimet (US), Exact Metrology (US), RangeVision (Russia), Shinning 3D (China), Next Engine (California), True Point Laser Scanning LLC (US), Maptek Pty Ltd. (US), Basis Software Inc. (US), Creaform, Inc. (Canada), Capture 3D (California), Arctec 3D (Luxemburg), Shapegrabber (Canada), Fuel 3D (UK), Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmBH (Germany), Kreon Technology (France), Perceptron Inc.(US), 3D Digital Corporation (US), 3D Systems Corporation (US), Topcon Corporation (Japan), Trimble Inc. (US), Nikon Metrology NV (Belgium), FARO Technologies, Inc. (US), and Hexagon AB (Sweden).

Scope of the report:

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