How to refurbish the LCD screens for Smart Phones

iPhone 7 LCD screen replaced

There are many cellphone repair apartments on manufacturing, repairing, refurbishing and wholesaling LCD screens for iPhones, smartphones, tabs, and iPods. And the good news for iPhone users is that, now they can just not repair, but also refurbish the LCD iPhones. A few years back, the whole idea of changing the iPhone screen or getting a repair was painful, as it was committed to shedding a big amount of money for the phone again. But time has changed, and now iPhone users have a new ray of hope. Customers can have their iPhone recycled or refurbished of screen changed as frequent as they required in the company. The service and price of screen both are much affordable now with the customer services of the company. Most people would choose to buy another new brand one when their cellphone is broken and not operate well, but with the choice of smart refurbishing of the phone LCD screen by the company at affordable prices, the right choice would be to get a repair first.

Refurbished iPhones in a professional repair center

You can get your LCD screen iPhone repaired or refurbished easily in a professional repair center. High quality LCDs are manufactured in the factories with exquisite craft. To do this the company uses a very scientific and methodical technique. They check the LCD screen 3 times during the whole process, and then finally after the 3rd quality check they deem the screen to be eligible for sending you. This is a very interesting quality check procedure which is discussed ahead. But to avail their services you will have to follow a set of simple steps. Buying your preferred LCD screen replacement from them is one of the easiest tasks.

How to refurbish your iPhone in a repair center

The factory checked and 3 times quality checked LCD iPhone screens can be bought from the official website of the company. Usually, you need to sign up as a member, after that you will be given a wide range of choices to choose from. There are various models for iPhone LCDs and you would get a list of screens. The iPhone 4, 5, 6 with all of the versions come listed. You can find your iPhone model easily among them. Next you will have to pick the product, and you will be driven to the payment gateway. Three types of paying options are there. You may pay with your credit card, or with PayPal, else you may pay with other ways. This credit balance accumulates in case of those users, who had done earlier purchases from them, or sold their broken or no working smartphone or iPhone to the repair center. After you pay, your shipment will get ready, and soon it will be posted to you.

Shipping your new LCD screen

The shipping is also quite methodical with the repair center online. Usually, they ship the product through the USPS service. This generally takes 2-5 days depending on the location of the customers’. If the customer is a local then it would take just 2-3 days. Mostly, customers of US or China will get delivery 2 or 3 days because most online repair company will have their office on these two places. And other will get within a maximum of 5 days. Now if you want free shipping you can even get that. Customers ordering anything over an order value of $20 get the free shipping facility. Whether you get free shipping or not, your product will reach you on time with the rich delivery services of USPS and the monitoring of the company.

How do they do the product checking in factory?

Every LCD screen manufactured in the factory goes through a rigorous 3 step checking, and therefore you can be totally assured that your LCD iPhone model will come fully checked okay from the company. First they check the product at their factory. This is the crucial checking as any problem found at factory will be immediately seen to. Next they check the product when it reaches their office. This is another step of important checking, and any if they find a problem, it will immediately be returned to the factory again. Finally the product is again checked before shipping. When this is done, it’s totally checked okay, and no problem may occur with the product unless some unfortunate damage happens in transit.

Why it is so easy to refurbish your iPhone LCD screen

Refurbishing and repairing had never been so easy, but in an online repair shop the path is smoother. Most online repair center provide a 30 days money back guarantee which lets you exchange or return the product if you are by chance not happy with the quality or condition etc. But generally everything goes fine, and one big reason for that is, they rely extremely on customer feedbacks. Every feedback and review they get from Amazon and eBay is taken by them very seriously, thus making customers’ experience better. Now you can give your broken LCD iPhone model a new life with the super affordable LCDs from the company. It takes much lesser and the product comes with the high tech guarantee of one of the companies which is already a proven market leader in LCDs.

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