Managed Solutions – What Is the Hype All About?

What appears like the new buzz, that folks in the IT world have been hearing for some time, is managed services. And does it not also seem just like...

What appears like the new buzz, that folks in the IT world have been hearing for some time, is managed services. And does it not also seem just like the definition of managed solutions continues to change depending on who you ask? Actually, this term is indeed new that you will have troubles finding a definition for the same in a dictionary. Now clear your mind, discard any preconceptions, and for the rest of the reading, we will utilize the following definition when it comes to managed services deliverables: A defined set of proactive solutions that are offered and prepaid for on a continuous basis.

Now let’s digest this description for a moment. The term “any” is a robust one and it implies that when defining managed solutions deliverables as “any described group of proactive services, ” the deliverables aren’t limited to simply network monitoring or IT solutions. Equipment, co-location services,and providers can all utilize this term to describe the products and services that they offer.

Now let’s consider the remaining part of this is: “remotely delivered, “prepaid for,” and specifically”recurring basis.” By understanding these points, and as an SMB company, you can also understand how they can assist you to increase use of your Managed Services Lexington KY professionalsand technicians, as well as your revenue opportunities.

Managed Services Supplier Benefits

The benefits of providing managed solutions are many. To start with, as you deliver more solutions through remote control systems, the less you will have to plan onsite appointments, and the more you will be able to boost the use of your workforce as well as your earning potential. As you add new customers and changeover existing customers to the annuity-based service type each month, you can avoid the dreaded cycles, and instead get significant income growth.

Seems good now, right? Let’s take it another level further. Now that you will be providing services through remote systems, eliminating a lot of the travel time necessary for onsite help, rather than a trading time for the money, you can do a lot more with much less. In your local market, professionals can lose up to one hour every way when planning a trip to offer onsite services. Add this to the fact that that once a specialist is onsite, they might typically concentrate on solving issues for just that a definite client.

With this same example, the technician has lost a few hours to visit, add the time spent onsite-and that is after addressing only one customer’s problems. Let us also add in a lunchtime hour for our specialist, since he or she hasn’t had one. By the time the technician returns to the office, she or he may potentially be suffering a loss for six hours (or more). In addition, if you are like the majority of IT companies, you’re spending money on the fuel, and everybody knows that fuel isn’t getting any kind of cheaper.

Quite simply, you can address multiple issues for different clients while involved in concurrent remote-control sessions. Do you know what that will mean for you? You can do more simply through onsite service. Just be sure that around 80%, or even more, of your clients’ problems can be solved.

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