New Generation Projection Technology

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Projectors are widely used in various places it could be your home or an office or a school and others so you can simply get a much bigger picture which is projected on the screen, the projector basic function is to fabricate the picture on wall or on a projected screen. They are commonly known as front projectors or two piece projectors it can be used with a dedicated screen which can be mounted or hung on the wall. Projector can save you good deal of money which you actually spend in buying a home theater or a big flat screen tv. These projectors will be used in the houses to enjoy movies with a bigger picture upfront giving you one great theatric experience.
Multiple Usage of Projectors

In offices
Projectors is used in multiple places one of the most common place that’s used Projectors is the office where you often find a separate room to conduct all the presentations, seminars, conferences related to your office work, the reason is if you have a large group of people in your office they can easily see through all the important briefings and presentations even when sitting quite far away with a decent difference in between the projection screen and him because of the bigger picture that can be enlarge accordingly if your projector is with a high resolution.

At School
Just like the office the projectors will be used in the schools for the same purpose that is presentations, consultation, lectures so each and every student will easily go through with the studies in fact according to a latest research its observed that projectors present new ideas and customs to connect with the students because projectors offers very innovative display that cannot be possible on the hand writing on black board with a chalk. You can connect the projectors with the computers to get connected on the internet and find more ways to get instant answers to your questions and also text, audio and graphics presentations is much simpler with the use of projectors for the student at school.

Inside Your House
Projectors will be used inside the house for a much better bigger and higher picture quality when watching movies or videos. It’s just like you are watching a bigger picture that you usually seen in the theaters. The latest projectors offers great picture size of 90 t o120 diagonal which is way far bigger than anything you could ever imagine seeing on your TVs.

There are two most common type of projectors that are used today lets us view their kind and the functions respectively for a better understanding of projector technology.

DLP Projectors
DLP stands for Digital light processing projectors they use micro mirrors to prject images perfectly from a monitor to a screen. DLP projectors will be very portable becuae of the compact size they contain and they are very reliable electronic equipments which will give you clear and very visible large pictures. Those projectors will be used efficiently in majority of theaters or cinema for digital cinema projection. And therefore they have a great picture quality with higher contrast ratio and smoother video like HDTVS.

LCD Projectors
LCD projectors in common terminology is much light proficient when compared with the DLP projectors they are based on three separate glass panes that projected the light onto mirrors that split in 3 different prime colors then it will further pass on from 3 separate prisms. This act transforms the light to create the image that’s projected on to the screen that’s why it’s also called 3LCD. With the LCD projectors you will get beautiful and vibrant colors and highly defined images with twice the intensity in color radiance. They are highly regarded in terms of sharper images and much better picture quality than the DLP projectors.

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