Reasons why The Printer Stops Printing?

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Printing tasks are the tasks which we all expect to be perfect and for that, we need a printer which can perform amazingly. When options are available for printers Canon is the one that performs great in this segment. From years the printers from Canon are the devices which has always performed great for its entire user base.

Those who have used the printers from Canon are quite satisfied with the service it has provided and when you start using the device you see some tech issues in it. In printers, the most common tech issue that occurs is the Printer won’t Print. For fixing any sort of technical issue in your Canon Printer get connected with technicians at Canon Printer Customer Care Number UK.

Fix printing problems: The printer won’t print

There can be numerous reasons behind why your printer stop printing, starting with the basics, like check whether there is any error message or warning light you can notice on your printer, make sure that there is paper in your paper tray, check the ink cartridges it shouldn’t be empty, the USB cable is plugged in or if it is a wireless printer it should be connected to Wi-Fi.

Reasons Why the printer is not printing:

  • You might have installed any software which has a ‘virtual’ printer and this has the default set, that is why when you hit Print in MS Word, you are actually saving the file rather sending the document to the real printer. (To check it, on your device open the Control Panel from the Start option. Then, select Devices and Printers, and right click on the correct printer for using and set it as the default.)
  • Make sure that you have selected correct printer in the program you want a print out from.
  • Microsoft offers a printing troubleshooter that can be helpful for you to identify problems. Click on the Fix it button, then, download and run the program, after that follow the steps given in the wizard.

You can also do it by:

  • Opening the Control Panel, Devices, and Printers,
  • Then, right click on the printer icon and again select the Troubleshoot option.(It will not help you always, but it’s worth trying).

The tech issue can be of any type and can come on your way at any time, for fixing such technical issues get connected with the technicians at Canon Printer Customer Care Number UK. No matter what the issue is all about when you contact these technicians you get the tech issue corrected in a short while.You just need to call the technicians at any time you need and they will guide you with the solution that is required for your concern tech issue. Just dial the toll-free number or get connected with Live chat and you will get the tech issue corrected in a shortest possible time. The tech problems may come at any time and when it appears keep yourself updated with the best way to get it fixed.

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