All You Need to Know About Windows 7 before Purchasing It

All You Need to Know About Windows 7 before Purchasing It

Windows 7 has gained immense popularity from the time it was released on the 22nd of October 2009. The OS has been upgraded since then and the new interface of Windows 7 is more user-friendly and is of course intuitive.

If you have been using Windows 7 and do not wish to switch over to any other operating system, we certainly can understand why you think so. One of the best OS from Microsoft, Windows 7 is clean as well as sleek at the same time. Be it the taskbars or the windows, they just carry a look which is much similar to that of Mac.

One can buy windows 7 home premium online and enjoy the key features like multi touch mapping application that is built in where users can use it for interaction with graphical applications just with a touch of their finger. What many users like about Windows 7 is the improvement in its performance when compared to Windows Vista. Microsoft also has introduced a starter version of Windows 7 which is compatible with the notebooks as well as the smart phones.

The Architecture

Windows 7 is made available in both 32 as well as 64 bit versions. You can choose the 64 bit version if you have a computer or a laptop with the modern processor. On the other hand you need to choose the 32 bit version if you have a PC with an olden processor.

The Versions

One can evaluate the available versions of Windows 7 first before making their choice. Each of the versions has different features and several benefits that are targeted towards a group of users. One needs to evaluate well as different versions of Windows 7 have different price ranges.

The Various Editions of Windows 7

Some of the editions of Windows 7 are listed below.

Windows 7 Starter: This is known to be the basic edition and is available only in 32 bit.

Windows 7 Home Basic: This edition is available only in some emerging countries like India, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil.

Windows 7 Home Premium: This version of Windows 7 is aimed at the home users and comes with a lot of features like Windows Media Center, Multi touch and so on.

Windows 7 Professional: This is the best for power users and also for small business owners.

Windows 7 Enterprise: This version of Windows 7 is made for business computers and also comes with a feature named BitLocker Drive Encryption, which protects the data from theft or loss. This also allows the users to work in the language they choose and they can even switch between 32 different languages.

Windows 7 Ultimate: Windows Ultimate has all the features of that of an Enterprise but is designed mostly for an individual use. Users who have been using Windows Professional can also upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate anytime by just paying a small fee.

Now that you are aware about Windows 7 get online and check for websites that offer windows 7 home premium for sale and buy it today.

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