Know Why Microsoft 2010 is the Best Released Version Ever

Know Why Microsoft 2010 is the Best Released Version Ever

Ask anyone about Microsoft Office 2010 and they would for sure tell you that it is one exciting package that will for sure leave an ever lasting impression. Known for its performance and productive tools, you would for sure applaud the Microsoft Corporation for creating such dynamic software of Office 2010.

If you have been using Office 2007 or Office 2003 from quite sometime and are scared to try something new, do not worry. The Office 2010 has good number of features that will make an over all impact on all the business aspects of yours. If you are already impressed with it, you can buy Microsoft 2010 from the official website of Microsoft.

Let us now learn all about the new features of Office 2010.

All new features that are quite cool

The Ribbon is the coolest feature of Office 2010 and you can as well customize the same in all the applications so that it matches your activity level in all that you do. You will have the backstage view and the file option as they help improve productivity.

Use of web apps

If you like to use it all online and have been wondering about Cloud computing, you should have then heard about the Office Web Apps by now. This is software which has the online versions of OneNote, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. These web apps are much similar to their desktop versions and it makes it easy to share the files or documents. This makes it easy to work, especially for teams or for professionals. These web apps have been released for both corporates as well as businesses.

Many other valuable features

The live collaboration feature in Office 2010 makes it easy for the teams to improve on their productivity. It can also be used for optimization of every task, thanks to its role orientation feature. Office 2010 also has an improved paste feature as users can now preview the same before pasting it to avoid any errors.

Office 2010 also comes in a built in tool for screen capture using which the users can copy and paste in no time. Users can also insert animated pictures as well as videos directly into their PowerPoint presentation. It also comes with a feature of Social Connecter and the more advanced versions of these can be found in Microsoft office 2013 pro.

If you have been in search for one absolute tool that would make your professional life easy and helps to improve your productivity, Office 2010 is the one to be. You can choose from the home and the business editions that are available. The Home edition also comes in two choices, i.e. the Home and the Student 2010. The business editions too come in three choices, which can be chosen based on your use and the tools you require.

As a conclusion it can be said that Office 2010 is a must have and if you haven’t tried it yet, it is time you do so.

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