The Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

The world is starting to address the problems of over-energy and carbon emissions and individuals everywhere ask what they will do to reduce their carbon footprint. Many devices currently exist which may make your home a lot of green and efficient, and air source heat pumps are among the most popular.

An air-source heat pump can significantly lower your fuel bills, is easy to install and needs very little maintenance. They absorb heat from the surface air and use it to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, or plight in your home.

How it Works

They work in the same way as a household refrigerator. Just as a fridge extracts heat from its inside, air-source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, even once the temperature outside is as cold as -15c. The heat extracted from the air is absorbed into a fluid, which is pumped through a device in the heat pump. The low-grade heat extracted by the cooling is then passed through a heat pump compressor and is then concentrated into the next temperature of heat which can be used to heat your home.

This kind of system can consistently give a steady and reasonably high temperature of heat for your home, but you will realize that you got to keep a standard boiler as a back-up during the winter months to keep the cold away.


An obvious benefit of fitting a pump for your house is that it'll reduce your carbon footprint. Sadly it needs electricity to power the pump, therefore it'll still have some environmental impact, but the heat it extracts is an entirely renewable resource, therefore its overall a very green system. It’ll earn you a come-on your investment especially quickly if you're installing it into a house to replace existing electricity or coal heating system. It also has negligible maintenance prices because it is an easy system with only a few moving parts.


There are 2 kinds of air source systems you need to understand. The first is the air-to-water system, which provides off heat via your wet central heating system. These are suited to giving out heat at relatively low temperatures over a long amount of your time, so they are ideal for underfloor heating systems or large radiators.

The second kind is the air-to-air system. This system heats your home by producing warm air that is circulated by fans. A drawback of the air-to-air system is not fine suited to heating your water.

If the idea of plucking energy out of thin air appeals to you, you may need to look into getting an air source heat pump for your house. They’ll not be considered quite as efficient as other green heating systems like photovoltaic panels, but heat pumps can still have a major impact on cutting your energy prices and lowering your carbon footprint.

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