The Changing Dynamics of Experiential Marketing in the Digital World

Advertising and marketing world has changed radically ever since the digital technology’s onset. The social media and mobile app marketing are becoming the key marketing channels, but some things never change like the event, brand activation and conferences are still in demand because experiential marketing has its own benefits.

So, what if there could be a confluence or synthesis of digital technology and your events? Undoubtedly, a lot of brands use conference mobile app to facilitate and promote their events to get better results. Let’s have a look at a few important advantages of a mobile app for events.

Benefits of the mobile app:

Create hype: Since you need to attract more attendees to make your event successful, you can use event app to create a buzz around your events. For instance, you can get bites from your performers or play some videos of backstage preparation to instigate curiosity among the attendees. Certainly, they are going to tell about the event to more people this ring you more attendees.

Help your attendees in planning: The event app can help your attendees in planning the day because the app will be able to display all the important information like the location of the venue, the route, the traffic status and much more. In addition, you can help them to get a personalized experience because they can choose what to watch and what to skip.

Get ahead of the competition: You as a business owner is in a relentless battle with your competitors and if you want to get that edge over your competitors, then you should and must use mobile apps because you can make your events look more off-beat and organized. Certainly, people will love it.

Be it local or cultural festival or corporate events, you can use the apps for a variety of events and conferences. So, should you use it or should not? Let’s find out.

Finding the viability of app use:

Since using and creating an app demands you to invest money, you need to find out your requirements. For instance, if a major chunk of your marketing budget goes into event and brand activations, then you must consider using the mobile app for the event. But then, of course, you have to find out whether your audiences are tech –savvy or not and for that you need to carry out your market research.

The study suggests that more than 60 percent of people use mobile phones for finding information and doing other tasks. That means you have a fair chance that your audiences might just fall in love with the idea of the app.

Finally, after understanding your needs and users preferences, now, you should think about finding a mobile event app developer that can build apps for you.

It is advisable that you only choose specialized developers because they would have the right kind of tools and understanding to create the perfect app.

It is time to bring coherence between all your marketing channels to gain advantage and getting mobile event app can be the first step.


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