The Custom Congealed Gold, Au Wire With Excellent Reflective Properties

Gold is a soft, malleable corrosion – resistant ductile metal that is mostly popular due to its thermal and electrical properties.It is used in jewelry, and as a plated coating on a wide variety of electrical and mechanical components.Gold is available in wire,sheet,rod,tube,casting pieces,powder and shapes.Avail the standard  Gold AU 99.99% wire  at Wiretron as custom congealed with frequently used alloys which help in enhancing the mechanical strength,yield point and strain of the wire.It is chemically unreactive means that it is found in its natural state.It has excellent reflective properties to both light and infrared.For modern applications of gold you need a wide variety of possibilities,depending on the exact requirements of your application.All wires can be adapted exactly to your needs.For the selection of the ideal solution,our specialists support you with technical expertise and application know-how.Wiretron specializes in supplying high purity gold wire with highest possible density for use in semiconductor,chemical vapor deposition(CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD) processes .Our standard metal wire sizes vary in ranges.We specialize in producing custom compositions for commercial and research applications  and for new proprietary technologies.


Silver is lustrous white,ductile , malleable metallic element having the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of the metals.It is widely used in coinage,photography,dental and soldering alloys and jewelry.It is available in standard purity 99.95% and also available as 99.99% pure,99.99% pure and alloyed with copper as sterling.Silver is available in sheet,rod,tube,casting pieces,powder and shapes.Silver is used in various industries due to its unique properties.It is a precious metal that resists corrosion and oxidation and the most excellent thermal and electrical conductor of metals.Its antimicrobial,non-toxic qualities make it useful in medicine and consumer products.This is the reason why it is the best option for various industrial applications.The silver wire consists of 99.99% silver, which is widely used for electro technical applications because of its highest conductivity and low resistance.It is also available with all insulations and self bonding enameled.Get the best custom plated Silver with 99.99% purity  at affordable prices  here.The  Silver AG 99.99% wire consists of 99.99% silver ,which is widely used for electro-technical applications because of its highest conductivity and low resistance.It is also available with all insulations and self bonding enamels.

The  nichrome wire  is made from nickel and chromium.It resists heat and oxidation and serves as a heating element in products such as toasters and hair dryers.These wires can be found in laboratories ,construction and specialized electronics.This wire is so resistant to electricity,it is incredibly useful as a heating element in commercial products and home tools.The industrial furnaces conjointly use nichrome wire to form bound foams and plastics which can be used either at home or in industrial setting for various functions. Avail the most commonly used nichrome wire   for heating purposes.Nichrome wire is a non-magnetic alloy of nickel and chromium,so it is helpful in many appliances.It is a non-magnetic alloy of nickel and chromium and widely used in heating elements.It is wound in wire coils to a certain electrical resistance,and current passed through to produce heat.

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