The Do’s and Don’ts of Being Your Own Registered Agent in Texas While You Form an LLC

A limited liability company (LLC) is basically a business arrangement which blends the traverse taxation of a partnership or a sole proprietorship through the limited liability of a company. The primary benefit of getting your small business registered as an LLC in Texas is that it trims down the personal liability and can give you and your employees numerous tax deductions. Let’s just explore the key steps to form an LLC in Texas:

  • Choose a name for your company which no other company has used earlier.
  • Secondly, file articles of company and make payment of the filing fees.
  • Now make an operating agreement which states that how your business will operate.
  • Issue a notice of your purpose to create an LLC.
  • Obtain the licenses and permits your company requires to operate.

You require assigning a Texas registered agent for the LLC. While an individual is a sole proprietor and there is no difference between him and the business and no legal separation amid the personal and business assets. One of the primary reasons to create an LLC is to make a limit which differentiates the two realms and keep your personal assets absolutely safe.

The professional registered agents in Texas maintain this periphery of severance and a physical address in Texas wherein you created the LLC and are empowered to obtain all the vital and often time-receptive documents which come to your business such as tax forms, service process notifications and all sorts of legal documents. They will also keep full record of all the information pertinent to your business’s function so that you can focus on operating and expanding your company.

How to Become Your Own Registered Agent in Texas?

Although, there is no specific law preventing you from becoming your own agent but it is not advisable to do so. Let’s know why?

  • In case you aren’t there while an imperative lawsuit comes in then, a professional registered agent in Texas stays at your office daily for this reason.
  • A professional agent protects you from the embarrassment in front of your clients and employees by collecting your legal documents & can assist to protect the repute of your company.
  • Any LLC owner can’t lose a lawsuit by default but a professional agent won’t let that happen.
  • Individuals desiring to run business in different states must have a registered agent in every state wherein their business functions. As you plan to spread out your business, these agents can surely save you from several headaches.
  • While planning to change your address you require filing with the state and pay the fees for making this change official so that your address stays a substance of public record.
  • While working as your own Texas registered agent, you require being in the office when the mail carrier and courier services arrives at your office but having a third party professional agent can turn out to be a true saviour for you in such a situation.

Hiring a professional registered agent in Texas facilitates the flawless function of your business and gives you complete peace of mind of knowing the fact that trustworthy person is always there for you to receive your documents on your company’s behalf thereby giving you the liberty to operate your business on the go!fpro

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