The Electric Bicycle Revolution

Electric bicycles are the latest innovation that have caught the bicycle industry by storm. A long awaited change, these electric bicycles have transformed the industry and forever changed the way numerous people ride and commute. However, there are numerous questions regarding e-bikes. These range from a fundamental understanding of how they operate, their level of performance, advantages over traditional bicycles, disadvantages, speed, maintenance to the types of e-bikes available etc. A few of these questions and concerns have been addressed below.

Electric bicycles are bicycles which have been fitted with integrated electric motors while still keeping the option of being pedalled by the rider. Simply put, a person can make use of the motor as and when desired and can also choose to pedal the old fashioned way whenever he/she wishes. This makes it possible for the rider to avoid the extra physical strain certain terrains such as steep hills require as opposed to traditional bikes where one would have to physically pedal uphill.

The motors also allow the riders to take a break without having to stop riding thus not compromising on the time a journey takes. This is because they could choose to simply steer the bicycle instead of pedalling.

Electric bicycles are also better for the environment as compared to bikes which run on diesel, petrol etc. as they are zero-emissions vehicles which emit no combustion by-products. For those of you concerned about giving up on the speed and slowing down, there are e-bikes which can go up to 45kms per hour depending on the legal limits of the country in question.

Another advantage of electric bicycles in an urban environment is that the extra speed allows one to focus on only steering and navigating the traffic, making it a safer option. The ability to stop and start repeatedly and abruptly due to the motor also makes them the perfect choice for city traffic which is constantly changing. For those who use bicycles for their daily commute, e-bikes are an infinitely better choice as they keep you from being a tired, sweaty mess in the morning. Foldable electric bicycles are light, speedy and durable options that are perfect for a daily, urban commuter.

These bicycles are also extremely useful in a sportier environment with e-mountain bikes being designed to specifically navigate those difficult terrains. There are several choices available to those who seek these models.

Electric bicycles in general are also extremely reliable and easy to maintain for those concerned about the longevity of the life span and performance.

All in all, electric bicycles are a welcome revolution.

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