The Future Evolution of Jakarta EE Taking Shape with Eclipse Foundation

In the year 2017 September, the future of Java EE technologies was handed over to Eclipse Foundation to make the Java Enterprise Edition more agile, open, flexible, and innovative. Eclipse Foundation is a well-known Company popular for its innovation and open collaboration.

Recently, the Company has announced a ‘cloud-native Java’ path forward for Jakarta EE. Both platforms together will focus on micro-services friendly, cloud-native Java enablement and the evolution of Glassfish.

For this purpose, Eclipse has outlined 39 projects that will together support the cloud-native, micro-services friendly Java effort. For many years, Java EE platform has been taken as the most reliable and secure standards for apps deployment and datacentre delivery.

The most common features of the platform include scalability, stability, security or reliability. The adoption of cloud technologies will be a transformation for enterprises and they would be able to access data securely anywhere anytime.

Jakarta EE is the popular name for deployment of complex cloud-native apps in the real-time with their decades of experience and domain knowledge. The cloud innovation is necessary to adopt by organizations to accelerate the software lifecycles and supporting an open revolution of the Java platform.

Jakarta EE is getting wonderful support already from top leading software vendors including IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Red Hat, Oracle etc. The other name added to the vendors’ list is Eclipse Foundation. All of them would work together towards a single objective that is cloud enablement to faster the software release cycle and attracting more members to the community process.

“Cloud-native Java” support & enablement

According to a recent survey, more than 2000 developers across the nation want Eclipse foundation to join hands with Jakarta EE for cloud-native Java enablement. The new technical capabilities are giving a worth shape to the EE platform and it will open a wide variety of job option for Java professionals too.

The main areas of focus would be an excellent support to microservices, cloud integration, and innovation at a faster rate. The agreement will define a new Java roadmap and a reliable path to cloud modernizations. At the same time, users don’t have to switch to other platforms for cloud enablement. Now, cloud-native app development would be easier for developers by incorporating with open source communities.

Jakarta EE has the right potential to establish Java as the leading programming language again. Also, it will encourage the adoption of the platform by large enterprises and enable millions of Java developers for quick development and deployment of cloud-native apps.

“Open source, community-driven governance model”

The other name that is given to Eclipse and Jakarta collaboration is open source community-driven governance model promising faster releases and innovative cycles. According to a report, two releases for the projects are committed in 2018 itself.

Also, specific training will be given by the community to encourage the adoption of platform among users. Till the time, users will not understand the benefits of the platform then how it can be popular as expected by the Eclipse team.

As we have given the name open source, so everybody is allowed to give suggestions and modify the model as per their requirements. Java EE and application server APIs are most common pieces of code that are utilized by the industries worldwide.

This is the reason chances of success for Jakarta EE platform are very high as people of people are already in touch with the platform. The only challenge for the Company is providing robust cloud-native development platform with frequent releases.

Once the speed and innovation are managed together by the Company then it will be a win-win deal for Jakarta EE. This is the reason why leading Companies like IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Red Hat, Oracle etc. are also supporting the project to shape the future of technology.

Also, the other Companies can join Jakarta EE open communities where they can share the ideas or strategic themes to make this platform even better. Also, you would gain meaningful insights of Java roadmap and how it can help any organization in near future.

The Eclipse Foundation is supported by more than 275 corporate members today who value open source models as the key enablers for business strategy. The Company provides a scalable, mature and commercially-focused environment to support the open source software innovation and collaboration. Soon, Eclipse and Jakarta EE collaboration will set a new industry standard in the cloud space.

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