The Many Variants of Rummy Game

Tired of playing rummy the normal way? Fret not, this classic game comes with an exquisite set of variants and is all set to make your online gaming hours all the more exciting and fun-filled. Take a look at some of the different types of rummy games offered by reputed card game portals and start playing! 101 Pool (13 Card) This rummy format keeps players glued to their screens and is played in on-going and continuous rounds - until one of the players succeeds in amassing a collective score of 1019 points. Once this takes place, the player with 101 points in his pool is eliminated from the game. A player can also choose to drop out of the round, if he/she so wishes. The game continues until only one player remains. This player is declared as the winner. 201 Pool (13 Card) The rules of this game are quite similar to the ones connected with 101 Pool (13 Card). The only difference is that a particular player is eliminated when he/she manages to accumulate a total of 201 points. Best of Three (13 Card) There are three rounds in this variant of rummy. Those who know how to play rummy would understand that Best of Three has different “drop rules”. In this game, there is no Middle Drop or Start Drop. The player boasting of the lowest points after 3 rounds wins. If there is a tie, the prize is shared between all players. It is important to note that re-joins are not allowed in this variation of rummy. Points Rummy (13 Card) Among all the various forms of rummy, Points Rummy proves to be most thrilling. This fast paced game requires higher levels of expertise and experience than the other games. The winner succeeds in pocketing chips/cash too-the ones won over from other players. There is no limit to the quantum of wins in this game and it all depends on a player’s competence and the cards on hand. Game Winnings = (Rupee value of the point) multiplied by the (the sum total of the points of opponents) less (Game/Tournament fees). In Points Rummy/ Strikes Rummy, there is also a multiplier (pre-determined rupee-value) linked to every point in the game. 21 Card Marriage Rummy The 21 Card Marriage Rummy game is another enthralling version of the game. This game is available to players on reputed rummy portals and attracts great wins. In this version of rummy, players get 21 cards in the beginning and also get access to using “wildcards” or special cards that have designated value points. The highlight of this variation is that it allows you to get good wins, even if you end up losing. So, what are you waiting for? Log in today and get set to experience some of the best thrills of online rummy playing. The many variations in this game make it easy for you to win –regardless of your levels of expertise or experience in the game.

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