The Most Popular Flamenco Songs

Flamenco songs were originally written to accompany the vibrant dances that hail from the Andalucía region of Spain. Many of these songs have made their way into popular culture and combine the distinctive style with other genres of music.

The iconic Flamenco song Obsession was released in 2003 and is sung by Diego el Cigalo with Bebo Valdes accompanying him on the piano with sweet Cuban rhythms perfectly matching the traditional flamenco vocals.

Radio Terifa released a number of songs that blend traditional flamenco rhythms with Arabian influences and even rock and one of the band’s most popular songs is Rumba Argelina.

The Spanish band Chambao is perhaps one of the most famous modern flamenco bands and they hail from the city of Malaga. The band blends traditional flamenco rhythms and other elements with electronic music to present flamenco in a whole new way and help the music to appeal to a new generation of music lovers and one of the band’s most popular songs is Camino Interior.

To truly get into the spirit, many Flamenco fans like to dress the part by wearing a traditional Flamenco t shirt or other types of clothing as they click their fingers in time to the music.

More information about flamenco and its main clothes here.

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