The Right Way to Wear a Polo

The polo shirt is often called the t-shirt's dressier counterpart. And it isn't without a reason. While the T-shirt is too casual, the polo shirt strikes a middle ground, being fit for casual wear as well as for work on certain days. Men's polo shirts are particularly great in summer, when the temperature rises and everyone looks for something comfy and stylish to wear. The polo is comfortable, breathable, and definitely more elegant than a T-shirt.

But while it can make you look good when worn right, when worn wrong, it can make you look sloppy. Here are a few tips to help you nail the polo.

The Length

As a general rule, the traditional polo shirts are short in front and slightly longer at the back, so it remains tucked in when you bend. But you must be careful about the length if you're wearing your polo untucked.

Though the polo is usually worn tucked in, if you must leave it untucked, there's a simple way to measure the length of the back. If it covers more than half of your back pockets, it's too long. Find a polo that ends just above your back pockets for the right length.

The Buttons

When you make polo t-shirts online purchase, take a good look at the neckline and buttons. Some polo shirts have deep V necks, which can never be left open. Other polo shirts may not have low necks at all and have to be worn unbuttoned.

This generally differs from one brand to the other. If you aren't comfortable wearing deep Vs, choose a polo that has a normal neckline and can be worn unbuttoned.

The Sleeves

The ribbing on the sleeves also varies from brand to brand. While some polo shirt sleeves have elasticated ends, other polo shirts have normal sleeves that do not hug tight. Your choice would depend on your activities. If you're going to move your arms a lot, then choose something that doesn't sit too tight. For regular or office wear, or if you want to show off your muscular arms, then go for something that hugs snugly. But make sure it isn't too constricting.

The Hem

There are two types of polo shirts: the modern piqué and the traditional knit polo tshirts for men. If you wear a knit polo, then they come with a band at the hem that clinches around your waist and makes you look slimmer. With a polo like that, you must make sure your pants aren't low waist and your belt isn't leather.

The Style

While how you wear your polo would definitely depend on you, there are still a few thumb rules that you should follow. First of all, never ever pop the collar. Second, do not wear an undershirt. And third, make sure you use a deodorant to control the sweat, if you don't want ugly stains on your polo.s

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