The Risks and Benefits of Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is the chronic disease; it is progressive deterioration of the optic nerve of the nerve fiber in the eye. This is located at the back of the eye that carries the visual messages from retina to the brain. This is usually caused by the pressure built inside of the eye that is high for the continual health of the nerve. The glaucoma treatment is proved to lower the IOP in the patients that can prevent the slow damage to the optic nerve of the person. Glaucoma treatment begins with medications and the laser techniques, but when these treatments are not effective in treating the eye condition then the eye specialists may suggest other surgical treatments for treating these conditions.

The treatment for Glaucoma appears to be slow and steady since it's a delicate process that includes microscopic incision methods including trabeculectomy with or without the use of microshunt implantation. The other methods that are used for the same are tube shunt implantation and also includescyclophotocoagulation. There are other new processes that are included called as MIGS that is minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. Every method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of the glaucoma treatment

Typically when a person starts treating himself for the treatment, there are no pure chances of 100% success or any failures. It is simply the process and the chances that the doctor and the patient takes in treating the condition. There is no surgery per se, that may not have any of the risks involved. Before the surgery begins the patients well know what would be the pros and cons of the surgery and the doctor may also help the patient understand what would be the success rate of the same.

On usual notes, Glaucoma surgery is highly successful, this substantially slows the progression of glaucoma. This helps to achieve the intended eye pressure. If the condition, is not very well treated than the vision of the patient may be lost. Hence, it is highly important to get reliable glaucoma treatment in India that can help restore the vision well of the patient without any compromises.

Glaucoma surgery can help prevent further loss to the vision of the person, it is very rare that the damage is caused further after the treatment provided the treatment was adequately done with professional and skilled doctors involved in the treatment. Glaucoma is a permanent condition and the effects of the same are not reversible.

Sometimes, glaucoma may result in temporary vision loss because after the surgery the vision is temporarily disrupted. Hence it is highly important to understand that the vision can be reduced. In very rare instances, the total loss may happen and the surgery may not be successful at all. The surgery will help the patient in longer run from staying away from total blindness.

Any surgical processes involve risks, vision loss is not common in such surgeries but it can highly benefit the vision in the longer run diminishing the chances of further damage to the eye tissues. The surgical techniques used by the doctors are also important that matter in the success rate of these surgeries. The rare complications in such surgeries include infection, bleeding eye or fluid pockets behind the retina due to low eye pressures.

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