The Wooden Door Suppliers in Dubai Excels in quality products

WBT or World Best Trading in Dubai is renowned company which is engaged in the production and supplying of teak wood furniture, flooring, veneers, and skirting. The company was established din the year 1990 and has emerged as a highly successful entity in the recent years. The professionals of the company have knowledge of the wood and thus can offer optimum quality products to the clients. Their clients also belong to diverse segments and are very happy with the quality of the products offered by them. The company has pioneered in the field of wooden door suppliers in Dubai.

It is important to note that they are engaged in the import of the real teak wood form the countries where the trees are originally and naturally found like India, Thailand, Ivory Coast and Myanmar. The Burma teak, as it is popularly called is one of the finest quality woods. The countries which have the tree as plantation also supply the wood to the company. But the professionals are able to differentiate between the original tree product and the plantation. The craftsmen of the company are highly experienced and thus can offer their best skill to craft the furniture items as well as the doors.

Being a foremost wooden door supplier, the company offers basically three main types of doors:

  • Finger Joint door is made of the Burma teak which is not directly from Burma through the tender system. The width of the door is 36”, height is 84” and the width is 125”. The polish of the door is Matt finish and the outcome is a sleek and beautiful door which gives a very neat look. It can be used both in the commercial and residential segment.
  • Carved Doors also have the same size specifications but the designs differ. The beautiful carvings on the door give a designer look to the product. They have named the selection as Carved (Group A) and Carved (Group HA).
  • Panel Doors are other masterpieces with the quality of the wood being excellent. The golden color of the teak looks awesome and the door specifications in this category also remain the same. The types are Group A and Group F.
  • Custom doors can also be designed as per the specifications of the clients. They take the specifications and get the door designed accordingly. This is mostly found for the hotels and villas. The clients in the segment usually get the doors customized as per their choice.

Thus the wooden doors in Dubai are very popular and the company takes special interest that the orders of the clients are processed timely. They co-ordinate with the craftsmen so that their order is always completed timely without any issue. The company has been engaged in the industry for several years and thus can offer unmatched service so the clients. The clients can connect with the professionals of the company to get the best and competitive quote for the products of their choice. The furniture pieces are very unique and innovative.

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