Making the decision to get your child help could have been a tough decision but there are more crucial questions that you need to consider. This includes; who is qualified to help? Where and when will the tutoring take place? What does my child really need help with? Here are some things to consider as you wade through the process of finding the right math tutoring service.

  1. Solve the biggest pain point first

Most of the time, parents seek help for their child because they are struggling with homework.  Although your intention is good, sometimes trying to help your child with homework only makes matters worse. You may be using methods that are no longer being taught. Your child’s curriculum may have jumped beyond what you can remember from your own schooling, or you just have different learning styles and you’re not able to connect.

If your child needs homework help, make sure you find a tutor or center that provides homework help. While it may seem obvious, some centers do not provide that kind of support.

If your child is advanced in Math and needs more instruction, find a math tutoring Bridgeview program that can create a customized plan that will methodically carry them through higher level concepts.

  1. Find the root cause

Anger, frustration or even tears at homework time is simply a symptom that your child is struggling with Math.  It makes sense to provide support specifically around the curriculum so your child can finish the homework and pass the test.

This approach can temporarily relieve symptoms, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. If your child is having trouble keeping up with math, it’s because they are missing core skills. As long as your child has not mastered core skills, they will continue to have problems.

A good math tutoring hickory hills program will use a comprehensive, baseline assessment to determine what skills are missing. Then the program should be structured to accomplish two things: teach those skills to your child over time so that the gaps are filled and provide ongoing support to your child can pass their math class. Since no two children are alike, the plan should be customized to meet your child’s exact needs.

  1. There should be an end in sight

Your tutor helped your child pass the test and the semester. “Whew,” you might be thinking. “One semester down.”

The reality is if your child only learned enough to pass the test, he has not mastered the content and it will come back to haunt him.

Like reading, math builds on prior skills. If your child didn’t learn all the sounds of the letters, he wouldn’t be able to read.  In math, if your child doesn’t build the basic skills, he won’t be able to progress. Key concepts like the order of operations, fractions, decimals, and factors come up as often in math as words do in reading.

An effective math tutoring oak lawn program not only teaches the core skills that your child needs, it also has built-in assessments that track your child’s progress and check for mastery, not just competence.  Mastering these key skills means that your child won’t get “stuck in the math” when they start doing higher level problems.

  1. 4. Make suitable comparisons

There are many options when it comes to tutoring, so make sure you are comparing “apples to apples.”

Begin with instruction type. Is your child receiving one-on-one instruction and a customized plan, or group instruction? And what works perfectly for them.

  • Will your child only receive homework help, only receive instruction in core skills or is the program flexible enough to provide both?
  • Evaluate instruction time. How long will your child receive instruction? A half hour? An hour? How many times per week and per month will your child be able to attend?
  • Consider your role in the process. Do you prefer that all instruction comes from the instructors on-site or are you ready, willing and able to spend time working at home with your child?
  • How long will your child need the math tutoring orland park services? Ask if the solution will solve the problem long term or if you will be doing this again next year?

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