Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the financial, cultural and political capital of the Netherlands. It also plays host to millions of tourists each year. The city is popularly known as the 'Venice of the North'. Amsterdam is connected with beautiful canals and bridges that add it its unique charm. The Dutch capital has something for everyone. It is ideal for architecture admirers, food enthusiasts and the literature lovers.

The city is known for its hardcore party culture. A great way to delve into the city's offerings is by being a part of one of its many lively festivals. The Realism Art Fair and the Amsterdam International Fashion Week are sought after events in the beginning of the year. In April you can be a part of the King's Day celebrations. It is the time when the city turns into a sea of orange. People dress up in the Dutch colour to celebrate the birthday of their King.

If you wish to drive around the city it only makes sense to do so outside the historic centre. Choosing to hire a car in Amsterdam is especially recommended if you intend to drive out of the city. Going to a far off location for a day trip is always a good idea.

Our car rental offices are conveniently located at 7 locations across the city. One of the famous locations include the Schiphol International Airport. Visitors are able to conveniently pre-book their vehicles and drive off upon arrival.

Amsterdam is well known for its high octane nightlife. The city has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers. The Anne Frank House exhibits the life and times of the world famous Jewish girl who kept a diary when hiding from the Nazis. The Rijksmusuem is home to one of the leading collections of paintings for the nation's Golden Age.

Other famous attractions to consider are the Van Gogh Musuem and the Nieuw Dakota.

Amsterdam is synonymous to escape and retreat. Come see for yourself!!

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