Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Bridging Visa B.

Bridging visa B works as a temporary visa which allows a candidate to travel to and fro from Australia but for a specified time period one needs to return before this time period ends.


If your substantive visa is going to expire you can apply for bridging visa b as it allows you to stay in Australia and it also works like your current visa if it is a working visa or student visa then bridging via B becomes the same.

If you have a business trip to go and your visa is going to expire before you return from the trip then it is better to apply for bridging visa b. The only thing is you need to provide a genuine reason for visiting outside Australia.


Traveling criteria associated with bridging Visa B:

There are certain criteria associated with traveling with bridging visa b, after analysis, your circumstances department will provide you single entry or multiple entries bridging visa.

Single entry: In single entry applicant can visit outside Australia only once and need to return before a specific time period ends.

Multiple entries: In multiple entries, the applicant can visit outside Australia multiples time but need to return before a specific time period ends.


If you hold a bridging visa already and your time period of traveling ends and you again want to visit outside Australia then in no chance your time period is extended you need to apply for other bridging visa b for that.


If you are out of Australia and your time period of Bridging Visa B is expired your bridging visa b is ceased and you are not allowed to return to Australia.


Visa requirements of BVB:-


  1. Applicant should be in Australia at the time of application.
  2. Applicant should be a BVA or BVB holder.
  3. Applicant should be applied for a substantive visa which should be granted you only when you are in Australia.
  4. You should have a good valid reason to visit outside of Australia.


Family member to include:-


You can apply for one BVB along with your family means you need only application form and you need to pay for one application form but each family member needs to fulfill their own eligibility criteria.

You can include:-

  1. Your dependent child.
  2. Your spouse or de facto partner.
  3. Any other dependent family member.

If you have done anything wrong in the form you can correct it by filling below given form

Form 929- if you want to change passport and address details.

Form 1022- if there is any change happen related to your circumstances.

You should always hire a migration agent Adelaide as they know how to resolve all the visa related issues and they will also guide you with different migration law and makes your visa journey hassle-free.


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