Tips on how to paint brick walls provided by Commercial Painters

Information, hereinafter, provided by the author, is intended for guidance only, and is not a substitute for the readers who are seeking professional and personalised advice based on their specific painting project/s. Our professional Painters Sydney have provided these tips for DIY fans seeking to paint inside of their house.

Now it is that time of the year that you are determined to give your house a bit of face lift. Sydney Painters are here to assist you! Here are what you need to do:

- Make sure the mother nature is agree with you and will allow you to carry out your painting activities in peace

- If you intent to paint external bricks, wash them down using a reliable high pressure gurney, and allow them to dry properly. Two or three hot and sunny days shall be enough to dry the surface and you may then proceed with cutting and rolling the walls with a premium primer.

- Once the primer is dried, in about a day or so, you may then go ahead and cut and roll your brick walls with your selected colour.

Our Commercial Painters Sydney believe selecting the right colour/s may be a challenge. You better drive around your neighbourhood and nearby suburbs to find out what colours are appealing to you. Then select those colours and purchase some paint samples in your selected colours and apply them on a piece of plywood, lets say 300mm by 300mm, and put them against your brick walls and observe them for a few days. This will allow you to see which one of those pre-selected colours would be more appealing and likeable. This is very important for commercial places and warehouses where street appeal is very imperative.

It is also equally important to select right colour for inside you commercial place or warehouse, as it creates a warm environment for your costumers and may increase your employees productivity, according to our professional Painters Sydney.

Our Interior Painting Sydney division has a wide range of professionally selected colours that are recommended by interior designers and researches, and is willing to share them with you at no cost. You may reach us on 1800 STARLAND for more information and assistance, should you require.

For large scale jobs using airless spray method would be deemed more cost efficient. If you procced with this method, please make sure to cover up the areas that you don’t want to paint them or protect them from over spraying. You also need to make sure that the wind or your unintentional act does not paint the cars parked next to your project for free!

Finally, our Commercial Painters Sydney recommend applying two coats of “Dulux Weathershield”, Taubmans “Sunproof” or “Solarguard” for your external brick walls, allowing 24 hours in between each coat of paint. Please not hesitate to visit us at or call 1800 STARLAND for assistance.

The author is one of the best house painters in Sydney and has more than two decades of solid experience in both commercial and residential projects. Visit for more detailzs.

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