Top 10 Voice Recorders with Powerful Features for 2018

Looking for the best voice recorders for your future spying mission? Listed here are our top picks you would like for your next assignments –

  1. Zoom H1

The miniature H1 recorder has x/y axis mic arrangement. So, both microphones are placed at similar distance from the sound source to ensure pitch-clear recording. It has 2GB memory which is further expandable to 32GB.

  1. Sony PX820

With 534 hours of recording time, Sony PX820 is a very handy feature of dictation correction so you can add comments and edit recordings on playback. It supports a lot of speech recognition programs.

  1. Recording Pen

Though it is designed for budding spies, it is as simple as recording moments during lectures and meetings when your focus is flagging. Though it lags behind with the sound quality, but there is no big deal if you have to pay just £25.

  1. Livescribe

Record moments as you start writing notes! The pen matches voice to writing automatically. Simply tap it on the lecture, a sentence, an interview, or any moment of inspiration, to listen to and play back from the right moment.

  1. Olympus Dm-670

It is the best-in-class recorder with three top quality microphones to cover a lot of frequency ranges. Hence, it gives rich playback quality. It has 8GB of recording memory. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of memory during conversation.

  1. iTalk Recoder from Apple

Simply press the big red button to record and press again to stop and pause. Once finished, simply tap a button and send recording just to your PC.

  1. Olympus S-701 Analogue

It is light, small and power-packed workhouse for small lectures and interviews. Just a click and whirr of a Dictaphone will get the job done.

  1. Yamaha Pocketrak C4

It is the best choice to record your band rehearsals, lectures or music lessons. It has 2GB memory with a filter to cut background noise and it has 5-band equalizer to optimize playback. Hence, it is sure that you are not going to miss any equation or beat.

  1. PCM Recorder

It is an Android recorder app which has multi-frequency sound program. Though it won’t turn your device into a concert-based panel, but its long battery life will help you record meetings for hours.

  1. UltraDisk DVR10

UltraDisk DVD10 can turn from a USB memory stick to an all-dancing and singing voice recorder with 6m range and long 4.5 hours of battery life.

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