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With the rapid disruption that technology has brought in the digital marketing world there are several new trends that appear each year. Today simply, posting content on the web is not enough; you have to consider having a meaningful conversation with your audience. Keeping that in mind, we will be looking at the digital marketing trends of 2019.

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2019

  1. Use Of AI
    Artificial Intelligence has gotten a lot smarter since it beginning days. It is able to understand your audience at a much deeper level. Unless you’re integrating your digital marketing strategies with AI you are going to be really behind the curve. While it won’t take away job from your everyday digital marketers, you will be relying more on the insights that are derived by the artificial intelligence.
  2. Personalization
    From advertising on traditional platforms like TV and Print, businesses are now relying on the capabilities of the internet to provide a more personalized experience to the user. In fact, the level of personalization that can be achieved online is absolutely unprecedented. As soon as you visit a website it start collecting information about you, your age, gender, browsing patterns and as a business you should be able to rely on that data to provide a more customised experience to your customer or content consumer.
  3. Video Marketing
    Video marketing is like a juggernaut that absolutely will not be stopped. Research shows that people would rather watch a 2 minute clip that explains a topic rather than read a blog that does the same. Many businesses have now moved to a multi-format content creation strategy where they provide multiple avenues for the customer to enjoy the content. If you’re not including video marketing in your digital marketing strategy then you are truly missing out on a large chunk of your potential customer base.
  4. SEO 2.0
    The 2.0 is actually a misnomer as SEO in itself has had various iterations that rule the roost at any given time of your marketing channel. A business primary objective is to get the highest number of leads or potential customers at the lowers investment numbers. SEO is relatively free save for the countless hours of manpower that is involved in ensuring your website reaches the top of the most relevant searches. SEO 2.0 is more about the next level of search, which implies not just keywords on the page, but rather voice search strategies that can be implemented to improve the next generation of searches.
  5. Augmented Reality Marketing
    If you’re in a business that can take advantage of augmented reality marketing, you have to step up your game and do it or your competitors will leave you behind. E-commerce platforms are the biggest enablers of augmented reality marketing but the applications can be used in a variety of services.
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