Top Jewellery trends for Eid: 2018

Eid is a standout amongst the most propitious times of the year that is celebrated with great delicacies that is made locally, dynamic hues, and in particular with loved ones. In any case, aside from these, similarly as with each unique event, the most energizing part is the new attires, and with it new jewellery.

On an occasion like Eid you want to be at your best look. You spend a lot of time picking between an elaborately adorned anarkali and a lofty looking sharara, to choosing the ideal frill that will pull your whole look together.

To celebrate the special occasion of Eid, our specialists have decided to help you create an impression with a portion of their best picks from Perrian Jewellery.

Diamond Bracelets

Arabesque craftsmanship with detailed patterns of flowers is synonymous to Mughal outline. In the event that your clothing is adorned with rich embroidery, you should choose to wear bracelets inspired by the traditional era to not just add to the old age appeal of your look but to also hold the appeal of your attire.

Drop earrings

18k Yellow Gold The Osmonde Drop Earrings

Dating back beyond the era of the Greeks and the Romans, drop earrings are the classical jewellery pieces that can give you a princess like charm. Pairing drop earrings along with a flowery ring will certainly make you look beautiful and perfect for the occasion.

Cocktail ring

18k Yellow Gold The Eminence Deity Ring

For the individuals who don't care for an excessive amount of shimmer, yet wish to take the spotlight, a splendid cocktail ring is the ideal match for your desires. On the off chance that you are wearing a lavishly weaved salwar kameez or a gown, you should opt for a gently decorated cocktail ring with multifaceted themes to supplement your clothing.

Jewellery for men

18k Yellow Gold The Glory Ring For Men

For men, adornments are more utilized as a show of intensity and independence. So rather than opting for the cliched metal and string bracelets, diamond rings will characterize your strong and spruce independence, and even supplement your trademark look.

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