4 benefits of having a diplomatic passport

4 benefits of having a diplomatic passport

What privileges do I get by simply having the diplomatic passport? One may wonder. Well, to say the least, a diplomatic passport simply identifies a working diplomat to the authorities of the other countries. It is used for the travel to and from the diplomatic assignments that a diplomat may be having plus other official visits. Therefore, do not get confused, simply, a diplomatic passport is only used for official state assignment and therefore, it is never to be used for personal travel. So, what are the benefits do you get by having a diplomatic passport? We shall be getting into that.

Enjoying the full power of diplomacy

To enjoy the full powers of diplomacy, you will need to Get diplomatic passport. Or rather, you will have to Get diplomatic appointment that will allow you to get the diplomatic passport. In order to achieve this, your diplomatic status has to be accredited in the country that you are being assigned to. Therefore, having a diplomatic passport doesn’t guarantee you of anything.

Benefits of having the diplomatic passport

There are some benefits that you will get by simply having a diplomatic passport and some of the benefits include;

  • Diplomatic immunity.
  • Dedicated customs channel.


One of the most defining benefit of having the diplomatic passport is exclusivity. If you want to Get Diplomatic appointments, then count having a diplomatic passport one of the greatest asset you could ever be having. One thing you must have realized by now is that only the foreign ministry or some specific departments are allowed to handle the external affairs. Therefore, having a diplomatic passport ensure that you have exclusivity in most of the government standings!

Diplomatic immunity

Though having a diplomatic passport assures you of nothing in as much as diplomatic immunity is concerned, to some extent, having a diplomatic passport ensures that you have some kind of leverage in as much as immunity is concerned. Well to some extent, the diplomats having the Diplomatic appointments cannot be arrested in the host country. Therefore, we can say that the diplomatic passport has some assurance with it in as much as diplomatic immunity is concerned.

Dedicated customs channel

This is another advantage that you will get by simply being a holder of the diplomatic appointment. There is a high level of convenience using the diplomatic passport compared to other regular passports.


Yeah, you get a high status in your country as you can move freely from one country to another without any fear of being intimidated. This is a benefit since it elevates you further in the society. More so, if you have diplomatic appointment, your family gets to move with you too.


These are the main benefits of being a holder of the diplomatic passport. Therefore, if you have a chance of having one of these special passports, do not pass them, rather, utilize them to your full advantage.

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