Jebel Hafeet a Mountain over 5000 years old

A mountain over 5000 years old, Rising 1,240 meters and guarded by Al Ain and borders of Oman, then it has every reason to be the center for tourist attraction....

A mountain over 5000 years old, Rising 1,240 meters and guarded by Al Ain and borders of Oman, then it has every reason to be the center for tourist attraction. When it comes to having the taste of thrilling experience to drive up and down on one of the world’s greatest driving roads, there comes a name… Jebel Hafeet Road. A road stretching 7.3 miles with boasts of 60 corners and a so smooth surface must be the next destiny of riders so that you can have a surreal road trip. Jebel Hafeet is the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates and this is not the only amazing thing, Jebel hafeet after being the tallest in town, amazing are the sights, views and live painted roadsides. As you head upwards the panoramic view of the extensive slopes of the mountain begins to form, a display of the wonderful developed desert landscape surfaces. Jebel hafeet had saved 500 ancient burial tombs dating 5,000 years back this is to highlight the glory and magic of Nature.

Cyclists who undergo challenging training are utilized to look for Ḥafeeṫ Mountain Road’s assistance every now and then. The Jebel Hafeet Mercure additionally orchestrate a yearly street cycling competition for National and worldwide riders to participate in climbing the mountain.

You are not limited to only cycling, Jebel hafeet offers number of chances to drive cars with the greatest driving road in the UAE.

Choosing a car to rent is as simple as going to challenge your passion with 21 turns among tight barrettes to quick sweepers. Car rental services are available generally and safely. Anybody can have the super-smooth experience. You can hire a car from cheapest car rentals over the Jebel Hafeet. A traveler can book their autos even before their landing and can get rebate super deals and arrangements. Cheapest car rentals offer economy, compact and Midsize deals to hire a car services. You can book your car online anywhere across the globe and you can pay through number of easy payment methods. Hire a car deals give you different car destination and complete guide packages.

Jebel Hafeet is designed with two paths; one in the upwards course and one descending, and it’s about safe to rise at pace to reach to the brilliant sight lines of the street that lies ahead.

Remember to refresh yourself at the foot of Jebal Hafeet, known as “Green Mubazarrah” is a major tourist attraction spot because of its hot water springs, swimming pools and hot tubs are present around the area. Jabal Ḥafeeṫ offers a home to an extensive variety of animals including bats, foxes, and snakes. Al Ain Zoo is laudable, it has more than 4,000 animals that roam in enclosures somewhat resembling their natural habitats.Al Ain Palace Museum can give you a history lesson if you pay attention to their silence.

Jebel Hafeet will never disappoint you; you can always find something to suit your tastes and budget plan. For that reason a wide choice of hotels are available in the territory, including Hili Rayhaan by Rotana and Hilton Al Ain and Mercure Grand that is situated at the highest point of Jebel Hafeet, to give your fantasies a reality. Mercure Grand is outlined with 124 rooms in an interesting mountain desert garden resort that is only a two hour’s drive from Abu Dhabi. The Hotel offers two restaurants a bar and a coffeehouse with amazing views of the city from 915 meters on Hafeet Mountain. Jebel Hafeet kept up different meeting areas and recreational activities for individuals of any age amidst the desert, for example, swimming pools with water slides, health clubs, small golf club and a kids play area.

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