Different Ideas of Things to do in a Limo or Party Bus

There are a lot of different things you can do for adults and kids that people don’t really think about. If you get enough people it doesn’t end up...

There are a lot of different things you can do for adults and kids that people don’t really think about. If you get enough people it doesn’t end up costing much money either. So, in this article, I’ll go over some different options for you to get into to.

Holiday Tour

One thing that we have had that’s great for families is a Holiday Tour. It’s a lot of fun that most people haven’t really done and makes for a great night. If you live near a city that does some Christmas decorations or lights it’s fun to get a tour of all the spots. You can either do your own research or if it’s a good limo company they would set it up for you. Doesn’t take much time to do and can make for a great night. You can setup alcohol for the parents or Sparkling Cider for the kids and just cruise around the city. Something that’s great for the family or couples.

Wine Tour

Wine tours are great to take a limo or a party bus. If you have some local wineries you can tour this makes for a great time. If you get a bunch of people involved it can end up being really cheap for the night. They usually take about 3-4 hours on average. Just plan ahead of time where you want to tour or the limo company can give you some good tips. These are great for girls night out, anniversaries, group of friends, couples night out or just any other reason to hang out and have a few glasses of wine.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are great times to get a ride, makes it easier to relax not worry about parking. It’s also nice if you know you and your friends or family are going to be drinking and you don’t have to worry about driving. Your ride can drop you off in front of the game or can park and you can do some tailgating with friends. Sporting events are a great time and fun to arrive in luxury.

Pub Crawl

Pub Crawls can be a lot of fun, sometimes getting a little crazy. But if you’re into drinking you would love a party bus pub crawl combination. This way you can enjoy your own drinks in the party bus or limo and then hop around to your favorite bars. Getting a ride makes it nice so you don’t have to worry about parking or drinking and driving. You just add a bunch of people have them chip in and go where you want for the night. Checking Yelp or other review sites help if you don’t know the area or bar scene much.

Company or Corporate Events

If you’re part of a company and want to let loose or have a great time, the party bus or limo can be a fun option. We have done a ton of these and people keep coming back. It makes for a great social time away from the office. Some favorite spots are, restaurants, boat trips, wineries, bowling, pool and other events. A lot of companies don’t do this and it’s a shame because it can really help boost the spirits of people.

I have worked with Limo Hire Company Melbourne and thought it would be helpful to share some ideas of what you could do with local limo services. Please let me know your feedback in comments.

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