Precautions should take before fix your laptop screen

Check your Display First and foremost, start checking the screen if it is truly the one causing the problem. You can do this by connecting your laptop to an...

Check your Display

First and foremost, start checking the screen if it is truly the one causing the problem. You can do this by connecting your laptop to an external display .Turn your device again, if it shows a boot up on the external screen, then it’s guaranteed that your laptop’s screen is, in fact, the issue. first check if your laptop is still under warranty. If it is still under warranty, go directly to the nearest service center and do not attempt to fix it yourself. If it’s not you continue and replace the part yourself, take note that you are doing this at your own risk and we are not held accountable for any damage, injury, or data loss during the process.

Check your BIOS

In this step, we are going to check your device’s BIOS (basic input/output system).For some reason, a computer’s system may go haywire even if things were running smoothly. A quick and straightforward solution is to reset its BIOS. Here’s how to do that.This procedure should reset your laptop’s BIOS, and if that was the main issue, your PC should keep running with no issue. You are sans then to embed the battery back in. In any case, if your PC still doesn’t show anything, continue to the following stage.

  1.  Turn your laptop off
  2.  Unplug and remove the battery
  3.  Press the power button for about 30 seconds to deplete its CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) battery
  4.  Plug the power cable without inserting the battery
  5.  Turn your laptop on

Check your RAM

One of the main sources, about 90%, of no presentation issues in both laptop and PCs is because of a broken RAM (random access memory). The issue might be as straightforward as having a dirty memory stick, or it might be broken and needs substitution. Settling this issue is as simple as resetting the bios.

  1. Turn your device off
  2.  Remove power supply and battery
  3.  Flip your laptop and locate the RAM access cover
  4.  Unscrew and open the cover, and then carefully remove the memory chips/sticks
  5.  Clean chips/sticks – you can do that by using a regular eraser and rub the gold contacts gently
  6.   Put everything back in place
  7.   Turn your laptop on

In this step that your laptop has two memory slots and two chips – and if tragically regardless it didn’t work – you should make utilization of just a single chip and one opening at any given moment and play out a test. To expound, pick just a single chip and use it in one of the slots, and then turn your gadget on. On the off chance that that falls flat, utilize a similar chip yet embed it in the other opening. Once more, in the event that that still comes up short, utilize the unused chip, re-try the past advances.

After that your gadget works in the wake of doing the above mentioned, clearly, one of those two memory sticks is the issue. In the event that both of the chips did not work, you could further check by getting a similar kind of memory chip (a working one) from a companion and test it on your laptop. In the event that it works, you should buy new RAM chips/sticks for substitution. Once more, convey the imperfect RAM to the store to precisely get a similar sort – you may update in the event that you like however it should coordinate effectively.

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