Walking through the Museums in Kunming with appropriate Holiday Insurance in Place

The palm fringed streets and modern buildings of Kunming bear rich testimony to its cultural and historical past. The laid back ambience of this city in China can be...

The palm fringed streets and modern buildings of Kunming bear rich testimony to its cultural and historical past. The laid back ambience of this city in China can be best enjoyed by visiting its numerous museums, art galleries and other places which showcase the valuable remnants of the past. Some of the oft visited and popular museums in Kunming are: Yunnan Provincial Museum The famous Yunnan Provincial Museum, established in 1951, exhibits a multitude of cultural relics. With over 156,000 pieces of exhibits to its credit, this museum is one of the largest in the country and definitely worth a visit. It houses several ancient coins, bronze wares, ceramics, calligraphy, ancient books, postage stamps and rubbings along with an exhaustive variety of handicrafts and folk art. With over a thousand of its relics being recognized as first-class national treasures, this museum is certainly a remarkable landmark. The Kunming City (Municipal) Museum The Kunming City (Municipal) Museum is famous for its Sutra Pillar from the period of Dali Kingdom. It also boasts of several relics from the Dian Kingdom. Czech tourists traveling to this museum can shop for minerals and fossils and explore the variety of porcelains, textiles, paintings and furniture for sale. Yunnan Nationalities Museum The Yuan Nationalities Museum, located adjacent to the Yunnan Nationalities Village, was established in 1995.This sprawling museum covers an area of 130,000 square meters and is one of its kind in China. The other museums worth visiting in the city are the Kunming Zoology Museum, Yunnan Radio Museum, Kunming Water Supply Museum, Museum Of Dian Opera and the Xinzhuang Station on Yunnan-Viet Nam Railway. Exploring museums in Kunming with well equipped travel insurance plans Great vacations in Kunming are usually the result of ideas shared by travel connoisseurs or based on strong recommendations by friends and acquaintances. They are surely incomplete if you end up stressing yourself due to cancellations, delays, medical emergencies or loss of baggage. So, before you start packing for that much awaited vacation, do remember to consider purchasing adequate long term travel insurance plans for a more relaxed holiday. Most reputed insurance providers understand your concerns and bring you a wide range of holiday insurance plans which can be customized to provide coverage for:

  • Unprecedented emergency &medical expenses: Well researched plans provide coverage for all your family members covered by the plan and take care of unforeseen expenses occurring due to sudden illnesses or medical emergencies. These products provide you with cashless treatment and care at major medical facilities in the event of accidents, fatal mishaps, sudden illness, injury or death of a loved family member.
  • Baggage Loss: They also provide 24/7 travel assistance services connected with lost baggage and re booking of hotels and flights.
  • Flight Interruptions and delays: Comprehensive holiday insurance packages provide you with an additional coverage for flight cancellations and delays. However, it is important to note that these policies are available only for Czech families traveling in China.
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