Enjoy the best New Year party in Goa within limited budget:

It’s that time when everybody is in a party mood and intending to spend the New Year at the most happening place in the country. What’s the most happening...

It’s that time when everybody is in a party mood and intending to spend the New Year at the most happening place in the country. What’s the most happening place in India than Goa? Cause what happens in Goa stays in Goa. So here’s a rundown of all the magnificent luxury property in Goa and things you can do in the most happening place in India – Goa, this New Year which will also not be a burden on your wallet.

There is no doubt that Goa is the most happening place in the country during New Year. Expenses in Goa is less when compared to the expenses made to reach our destination Goa. To cut off that travelling expenses, here is a small hack;

How to reach the best New Year party in Goa?

Supposing, you are travelling from our Capital – Delhi or say from anywhere apart from Maharashtra and Karnataka, you’ll end up spending a lot on the airfare!

To save on Travel Cost:

Take a flight to Mumbai, from there catch a train or a Volvo to Goa.

This should help you save minimum 25% on the travel budget.

  • Train: 500/- max per person
  • Volvo: 3200/- max per person

And if you are from south, simply book Volvo seats to Goa and save on the flight charges.

One can even simply plan a road trip with friends to Goa and drive all the way.

  • Road Trip via car: 4,000/- max (for 4 people or more)

Now that you have reached the best New Year party town, where to stay in Goa is the next question right? Let’s make it simple and low in budget by following these tips:

Where to stay at the best New Year party in Goa?

While each visitor in Goa Hotels is occupied and charging you bonkers, this will help you to secure for your stay! Pick both of these choices dependent on the experience and budget you have and you’re good to go to make the most of your new year get-away in Goa.

  • Airbnb:

Find your accommodation here to stay at just approx. Developers in Goa offer accommodation in INR 3500/- per person at private homes, villas, flats, and shared rooms. This is a real deal when all the hotels are running jam packed with guests and visitors.

  • Couchsurfing:

If you are lucky enough with Couchsurfing then we are sure your stay is free in Goa! Register at Couchsurfing and be willing to share a home for free with a willing stranger who resides in Goa.

  • Beach Shacks:

Beach homes that are secure and homely starting on an average cost of INR 3000/-

  • Any Friends in Goa?

Friends are always a present and what’s a blessing is a friend who stays in Goa and is happy to have you over. Don’t have one? Time to start networking.


Where to go feel the best New Year party in Goa 2019?

Well it’s the Last Night of the year after all! This should be memorable and mustn’t be pricy as well. So here a wide open choice which we leave it to you guys to decide upon based on your budget.

  • Budget above INR 2000?

So you don’t mind spending lavishly for some little extra fun. Places like Club Cabana, SinQ, Lalit Golf and Spa Resort, Teso and Hilltop are just meant for you.

  • Go Gambling at just 2,500/-

Deltin Royale Casino, India’s largest casino cruise. Its worth for the gambler within you to take a trip on the cruise and enjoy the luxurious stay, lavish meals, complimentary free chips, all at a starting package of just INR 2,500/-!

  • Budget INR 2000 or Below?

There are no other places like Club 9, LPK Waterfront, Club Westend, Tito’s & Club Fresh to party within your budget and make the new year a remember able one.

Aside from clubs, various themed shacks in Goa shoreline host parties on New Year’s Eve with incredible music, food and liquor. In the event that you’d preferably dance on the cool sand close to the sprinkling waves than on solid floors under false lights, you should consider shacks like Rudy’s Golden Mermaid Shack, Curlies Shack, Bobby’s Shack, or Jolly Boy’s Beach Shack for such experiences.

Free Experiences for the best New Year party In Goa:

  • Sinquerim Beach: Booze with Best Friends

Sinquerim beach, the best place in Goa to spend a laid back New Year with booze and friends. This is the perfect peaceful New Year spot away from the noise and chaos with the famous lighthouse fort, fort Aguada. One can sit and lay back comfortably under the fort drinking beer with best buddies and watch the fireworks of the clock striking 12!

  • Fort Chapora: Dil Chahta Hai Moments

The fort is iconic and have gained popularity with the Hindi film scene. Perfect to recap the laid back filmy moment of how the year has been till today and plan to make the upcoming year better.

  • Bonfire and Barbecue

Beach, bonfire and barbecue party on New Year in Goa with friends. This is the easiest going celebration anyone could have ever imagined. Imagine sitting around the bon fire with deliciously cooked food on the barbecue with beer. People dancing all around with that one musician friend to play and make you move to the tunes.

Still want to save more? Start planning early and work on the budget, because end time plan to Goa is where it begins to feel like Goa is pricey too.

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