Who is a diplomat? A diplomat is someone appointed by a state or a nation to conduct negotiations with other diplomats on matters concerning the state or government.  Most people fail to understand the difference between an ambassador and a diplomat. Well let me break that down for you. Both, the diplomat and the ambassador and the diplomats perform similar functions but the ambassador is in charge of the whole task. He is more of higher ranking than the diplomats are. Therefore, a diplomat is of major significance to the state or county.


Being a diplomat is a great thing and comes with many privileges. However, you just cannot wake up one morning and decide to be a diplomat. Several things are required. To start with, you need to need to have attained the education level required by your country or state to become a diplomat. From there, you will be required to get a diplomatic passport.  Unlike every other tourist, a diplomatic passport is a major requirement for each diplomat and one cannot function without it. Other requirements may include fluency in the second or third language. Training is done to diplomats in some states however. Finally, one has to be preparing for challenges and competitions out there.


Diplomacy is a mission and as we, all know every mission has a goal. Similarly, most diplomats have common goals. Some of these functions include:

  • Relationship building

In this role, a diplomat offer guidance to his host country on topics that affect the well-being of the people and governments of both countries. He also works to resolve disagreements between his home and host countries and negotiation solutions to political and social differences.

  • Media and publicity

Since a diplomat works on behalf of his state or country, he or she uses the diplomatic exposure and status to promote his country’s interests and policies by interacting with foreign and domestic entities.

  • Reporting and policy

After carrying out negotiations with other states and countries, a diplomat is required to write detailed, factual reports about his observations and thoughts regarding his developments in his host country that affects his home country’s interests.

  • Consular services

A diplomat provides general and emergency support to citizens living in the foreign country or may happen to be travelling from his home country to the host countries. He or she may also offer advice to people from his host country who may be interested in visiting or learning more about his home country.


Therefore being a honorary consul is something for everyone to envy and always dream of becoming.  Becoming a diplomat has many privileges and benefits too. For example, you work on behalf of the  state or nation after getting a diplomatic appointment,  you acquire a diplomatic passport and in return you provide consular services to not only citizens of your home country but also those of the host country.

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