TurboTax Freezes While Printing: How to fix it?

Are you using TurboTax application for filling up the tax returns? Did you recently install TurboTax application in your system, after getting positive reviews? Did you purchase printer of a renowned company for printing out the documents or papers for your purposes? Are you experiencing issues with your TurboTax application like downloading issue, installation issue, unable to fill up the forms, unable to print, and lots more? Do you wish to resolve the TurboTax freezes while going for printing issue? For more updates and queries related to TurboTax application, you need to dial on TurboTax Customer Service phone number to talk with the executives.

Here the article talks about the ways to fix TurboTax freezes while going for printing issue- the benefits of using the application, the reason behind such problem to arise along with the possible steps to fix it.

1 - The benefits of using TurboTax application-

  •                     The application gets compatible with all the devices and the platforms.
  •                     Convenient to use this application.
  •                     The application is quite cheap in tax file.
  •                     TurboTax application works fast.
  •                     The application works automatically while filling up the tax application.
  •                     The application saves the history for the user’s future references.

2 - The reason behind TurboTax freezes while going for printing issue are-


  • Poor network connection.
  • Maybe the printer you are using isn’t working, properly.
  • The printer has some technical glitches.
  • The paper tray has an insufficient paper in it.
  • Perhaps the user doesn’t have the latest Adobe Reader installed on their system.

3 - The steps to fix TurboTax freezes while going for printing issue are-

The user needs to choose the option wisely, according to problems they are facing.

  • If the users’ printer is working, then:


  1. The user can print from the application directly or from the Print page present in their respective browser, by clicking on the ‘Print’ option.
  2. The user can also save the file as PDF, by following the correct steps.
  3. From the web browser, the users’ can print by clicking on the ‘File’ menu of the browser. They need to choose ‘save as PDF’ or ‘print as PDF’ option. And then will choose the option ‘Print’.


  • If the users’ printer isn’t working, properly then:
  1. The user needs to check whether the printer they are commanding for the print, is set as their default printer.
  2. The user also needs to check whether the printer’s driver, as well as the system’s operating system, is updated. If not then they need to update to the latest version.
  3. Need to remove all the other devices which all are attach with the users’ printer.
  4. The user needs to shut down the system as well as the printer for some seconds and then restart both of them.
  5. The user needs to put the printer connect to the network directly through the cable connection.

How to contact TurboTax Customer Service number?

If the problem remains or you fail to solve the issue through the given steps, then you need to contact TurboTax Customer Service phone number to have a word with the experts and get help instantly. To check the provided number, you need to visit Gethumanhelp website, an online directory to get all the technical support numbers of the various USA and Canada based companies.

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