Both diplomats and consuls get into negotiations on behalf of a state or a country. But what differentiates them? We will find out that one later. Both diplomats are divided into groups mostly according to their region of operation or rather according to the specifications of the diplomatic appointments terms. So what are this types of missions?



A permanent mission is the one that leads the diplomatic mission to one or several international organizations. As I had said earlier, a group of diplomats is referred to as a mission. Incase this mission needs to be represented in an international organization, a representative may be appointed among themselves as it happens in the UK government. Such a representative may be appointed according to the reputation that he has with the mission. However, in some states, the mission appoints a permanent delegate instead of a permanent representative to represent them in international organizations.

It should however be noted that there is a major difference between an ambassador and a permanent representative.  A permanent representative is assigned to an international organization rather than head of state(ambassador’s work) or head of government as in case of high commissioner.


An embassy can be considered as a permanent diplomatic mission or the edifice which is housing the mission. However, the role of the em

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