Unearth the Finest Tooth Extraction Clinic in Houston

Tooth extraction is the process of removing teeth from their sockets within the jaw bone. Our dentists do not advocate for teeth extraction since we believe that natural teeth are a gift from nature, and therefore, need to be preserved as much as possible.  High-quality dental care is important for your oral health. We offer all-inclusive dental care including cleaning and other complicated issues. We turn your smile around as we offer you the dental care that meets your needs. We are known for being the number in offering braces with teeth extracted. We offer the service to both adults and children at all times. URBN is the dental clinic in Houston that offers a broad variety of dental treatments in order to help you restore your beautiful smile. Our rates for braces tooth extraction are quite affordable and furthermore, we accept all major insurances including Medicare. Our well-educated dentists recommend braces after extraction for those teeth that are damaged beyond any restorative dental procedure. We always endeavor to restore and save even the most damaged or highly infected teeth before carrying out braces extraction.


Although we try our best not to carry out braces tooth extraction, some situations call for this procedure due to complex dental issues. Some dental infections when left untreated cause the tooth to get infected and the only potion usually is to extract it. Trauma is another issue that warrants braces after extraction. The extraction is carried out and artificial teeth are used to replace the natural teeth that have been lost. Impacted teeth or pericoronitis problem is a painful condition that occurs to the soft tissues surrounding impacted teeth making them become inflamed. This leads to braces after extraction procedure to be carried out on the affected patient. Partially erupted teeth that may develop teeth cavities are also extracted so that it does not cause damages. Patients with extra or supernumerary teeth always visit the dentist for braces with teeth extracted procedure. The extra teeth cause overcrowding in the jaw and most of the times make it difficult when speaking, eating as well as hygiene maintenance. We are the experts all over Houston, TX when it comes to braces tooth extraction.


Patients with extract teeth are required to go for braces extraction in order to enjoy eating, speaking and keeping the mouth clean. Other times that you need to visit a dental clinic is when you have overcrowded teeth. The overcrowding occurs when the available space in the jaws is not enough to accommodate all the teeth properly. Some of the teeth undergo braces tooth extraction on both sides of the jaw to create space, and the remaining teeth are moved into occlusion by the braces. When a patient has retained milk teeth that did not fall-off at the required time, they ought to be removed to create space for the permanent teeth. We are the dental clinic in Houston that offers the best braces with teeth extracted procedure. We welcome you to make an appointment with our able dentist for a braces after extraction service. Patients who have visited us previously have always recommended our services to friends and relatives in Houston and beyond.




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