Unique AWS features

The company, which once seemed to have only a passing interest in turning a profit, said its net income for the first quarter more than doubled. Although Amazon is best known as an internet shopping destination, its cloud computing and advertising businesses were big contributors to the jump in profit.

Amazon is the most well-known supplier of the cloud infrastructure for organizations, e.g. those that host client information in the cloud. Amazon S3 gives security, reliability and high adaptability. Amazon S3 likewise has a web benefit interface to store and recover information from the web. One organization which effectively executes Amazon S3 is SmugMug. It is a premium online photograph and video sharing administration the business launched in 2002, which handles billions of photographs and recordings from beginner and expert picture takers from all around the globe. SmugMug utilizes AWS for its Amazon S3 stockpiling abilities and in addition Amazon EC2, for better transfer execution.

Another important consideration while using cloud-based storage for multimedia is around keeping videos for private use only for an intended audience, in order to protect copyrights and intellectual property .several new features have been introduced that allow you to assess your AWS environment.

Features of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Add Hosts Button, Hybrid Cloud Extension, It’s running on bare metal hardware, Integrated Chat support, Developer Center, Long distance vMotion, Firewall rules accelerator, public roadmap, HTML 5 vSphere Client.

6 Unique AWS Features.

  1. Mobile Friendly Access,
  2. Serverless Cloud Functions,
  3. Databases,
  4. Storage,
  5. Security and Compliance,
  6. AWS Marketplace.


It is one of the AWS features, give by Amazon is conservative, adaptable and simple to utilize. The capacity given by AWS can utilize freely and additionally in the blend to meet your necessity. Following are the kinds of capacity given by AWS. Learning AWS training in Chennai at Greens Technologys.

Mobile Friendly Access.

By this AWS feature, your application can straightforwardly access to Amazon Web Services, for example, Dynamo DB, S3, and Lambda. The Mobile SDK underpins IOS, Android, Web, React Native, Unity and some more.

Serverless Cloud Functions.

AWS Server less cloud work helps the client so that they should concentrate just on building the application. Server administration is finished by AWS alongside it, it performs scaling, fixing and organization of the foundation.


  1. Relational Database,
  2. Non-Relational Database,
  3. Data Warehouse,
  4. In-memory dataStore
  5. Graph Database.

Security and Compliance.

As the greater part of the organizations depend on AWS so Amazon gives most extreme security to the information given by them. AWS highlights enable the client to scale and advance. Clients here pay just for the administration they utilize. In addition, there are no forthright costs.

Amazon Web Services charges for instance usage by the hour, whereas Microsoft Azure charges by the minute. So if you use an AWS for 1 hour and 2 minutes, you’d be charged for 2 hours of use because they round up to the next hour.

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