Useful Tips To Excel in Class 9 CBSE Exams

Class 9 is a crucial stage in every student’s life. The key to clearing any exam, is systematic approach to studies. Most of the students have a hard time in 9th standard as the difficulty level of studies increases swiftly. Students are not under much pressure to score good marks until the 8th standard, however when they reach 9th standard this changes drastically. Suddenly the students find themselves under extreme pressure to excel in the exams.

Class 9 is best time to get your concepts right, so that you are able to grasp every concept thoroughly in Class 10. It is a stepping stone that largely determines the future course of academics for a student. It is important to understand the concepts in class 9 itself, so that you can crack the impending board exams without any trouble. The CBSE class 9 syllabus is designed with the approach to help students excel in their class 10 exams. You should consider class 9 exams at par with board exams, as they can be a good practice for the future. Here are some useful tips to outshine the CBSE class 9 exams.

Follow a Proper Study Timetable: - It is important to prepare and follow a strict timetable for a systematic approach to studies. Do not stay up late doing unproductive things, instead go to bed early. Wake up early with a fresh mind and chart out your study plan for the day. Don’t forget to dedicate some time for relaxation and recreation between your study plans.

Do Not Set Unrealistic Expectations: - Do not try to study all the subjects in a day. Cramming too much information into the head within a short span of time is a recipe for disaster. Pick 2 or maximum of 3 subjects per day. Systematic studying is the most constructive way to study.

Enrol for an Online Learning Programme: - Sometimes students have difficulty grasping concepts from school. Online learning programmes such as Extramarks, is a great way to grasp important concepts from the comfort of your own home. Such online educational tools also offer expert guidance from a mentor for interactive guidance and individual attention. Why waste time going to tuition's, when you can brush up important concepts at home.

Solve Sample Papers: - Solving previous year’s exam papers is the best way to test your aptitude for the 9th standard exam. You could always gather the exam papers from your seniors or from the school library and use them for practice. Paper solving is extremely important especially in subjects like Maths. Solving papers will give you the much needed confidence to excel in the final exams.

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