Valentine's day: Tips for Long Distance Lovers

When love is in the air, every single day is a celebration. And Valentine’s day is that heart-centric holiday when you do not want to miss being with your special someone. You are ready to go that extra mile just to be together. But this is a constant feeling for couples who are in a long distance relationship. Most of them spend Valentine’s day just as another day in their life. But this year instead of regretting, do something different to woo your partners this Valentine’s day.

Don’t let distance become a hurdle in your journey of love, even make memories with it. Here we are sharing some tips to celebrate Valentine’s day for long distance lovers. Let’s have a look:

Set yourself a Skype dinner:

When you can’t go out, you order for a meal at home. The same thing is with the long-distance relationship. When you can’t be together and go out, arrange for dinner at home and be together via Skype. Technology has surely shrunk distances. Choose a cuisine together, get dressed for a romantic date, open your skype and start your romantic evening. This video date is just like a casual date any regular couple would have on Valentine’s day.

Send flowers to your partner:

If you do not want to end up your evening with all those sad emoticons and questions like “where this relationship is going”, then listen, send your better half something special. Sometimes a bouquet of flowers make her day and on Valentine’s day, these flowers are more than necessary. We firmly believe that both men and women enjoy flowers but if your significant other considers them a bit tacky then there are plenty of other stuff too that you can send like a box of chocolates, a candy or a chocolate cake.

Send them your playlist or a mixtape:

Again technology won’t let you feel the distances. Making your partner a playlist of her favourite songs or your favourite songs together as a couple. Songs are the best way to express your feelings for them. You can listen to them on your own or when both of you can be online together such as over your virtual video date where this playlist can be your musical ambience.

Do not forget the “I Love You” call:

Verbal communications are very essential in a long distance relationship. But it becomes even more important on the day of love. Don’t forget that romantic “I just called to say I love you” phone call just as the clock strikes 12. Hearing your lover saying “I love you” as soon as they wake up is the most romantic gesture of all the times.

Plan for a surprise trip:

What could be more romantic than visiting your loved one and surprising them on valentine’s day? We know you love them enough that you can take a day off from work, book a ticket, pack your bags, go and meet your Valentine on the most romantic day of the year.

Distance creates a different essence in your relationship and makes your heart even fonder. Being physically apart is no reason to feel gloomy on the most romantic evening of the year. Just try out these ideas and we are sure your V-Day will be amazing.

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