Want to Enhance Your Knowledge on Macros? Get an Overview Here

A macro is a sequence of commands and functions kept in a Microsoft Visual Basic module that can be used to perform the task associated with those commands, whenever needed. Macros can range from simple to complex and are formed when you record a chain of keystrokes using the macro dialogue box. The Macros online training can teach you how to form macros, how to share them, and how to create keyboard shortcuts to run these macros. Here are given certain things that you should probably know about Macros:

How to use macros?

It is very easy to create, store and use macros which is its one very obvious benefit. While you work, Macros record your keystrokes and you can even assign a keyboard button to a macro. This makes it very simple to perform common functions like formatting cells for text, adding formulas to spreadsheets, assigning rows to a target and much more.

How to edit macros?

Editing a macro is also as easy as creating or using a macro. After you record a macro, you can view, alter and correct errors in the code in a way that suit your needs effectively. A plenty of in-program is provided by Microsoft that guide the users through the process of macro code editing.

Advantages of using macros

There are numerous advantages offered by macros to those who use them. The possibility of human error that increases with many, repetitive keystrokes and tasks, is reduced. With the application of Macros, the amount of time spent on performing basic computing tasks is also decreased. In addition to this, they also make complex computations easier to perform.

  • Excel always executes the task in exactly the same way, so the use of macros eliminates the need to execute such tasks manually.
  • It also performs the task much faster than a person can do manually.
  • If you’re a good macro programmer, Excel always performs the task without errors.
  • If you set things up properly, someone who doesn’t know anything about Excel can perform the task by running the macro.
  • For a long and time-consuming task, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer and get bored.

There are a lot of other things that you can learn about macros by enrolling into the Macros training online. Data analysts, Report creators and Decision makers are the best audience for the macros training.

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