Welcome to The Pizza Central - Your Hunger Central. 

Need to have some flavorful Freshly made Pizzas with chilled and delectable Beverages? Here we present to you another cutting edge cooking head by an accomplished group with an enthusiasm for serving you the food we make with affection. We are an energetic and experienced group who make flavorful Pizzas, Burgers, Smoothies, and so on for foodies like you and have just began conveying franchise. We furnish you with a few highlights like the hardware arrangement of Pizza stove, blender, griller, freezer, billing software, ceramics, and so forth so you can contribute and procure without being included much in the physical procedure. We provide you with the software for stock administration, orders and billing, and computerized showcasing at an ostensible cost. We likewise try to remain in your spending line with you giving you as well as can be expected. We guarantee you of giving this gainful establishment business at a little cost, which begins from just Rs. 3 to 5 Lakhs. This spending limit benevolent arrangement allows you to go into the world's most productive industry, i.e., F&B Industry. The Indian F&B industry has an income fragment of $462 Million in the year 2019, which demonstrates another in addition to the purpose of having your own The Pizza Central.

Speaking straightforwardly, we offer three distinct models of the franchise with the goal that you can claim The Pizza Central in your Town. The three bundles, Standard, Premium and Maharajas, give the three best focuses you are investigating a franchise business,i.e., Guidance, Financial limit and Plan. We guarantee you of giving the best help you merit in an established business. To know every one of the subtleties and steps you should pursue to be a part of it, visit www.pizzacentral.in or get in touch with us on [email protected] or 9651948822. Have a Happy Eating!

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