What all you can get from the PBA Training Program?

PBA Training program is uniquely designed to ensure that students will gain the appropriate knowledge in the field of Business Analysis and can professionally use the tools and techniques of Business Analysts to make the project successful. It is very useful for a Business Analyst working with the Project Managers to plan and execute a strategy more effectively and also for the Project or Program Managers who do business analysis on a regular basis. The training program not only provides expertise skills in Project Management Profession, but it also recognizes an individual more knowledgeable as he/she gets capable of adapting the principal and best practices as per the situation asks. The objectives of this training program are:

  • Increase your odds of passing the PMI Professional in Business Analysis the first time
  • Gain a globally recognized business analysis certification
  • Shorten study time by streamlining the recommended exam resources
  • Become one of the first individuals to pass the certification
  • Advance your career opportunities and career path options in the business analysis profession
  • Comprehend the business analysis profession and the environments the profession supports
  • Run through simulated practice exams for the domains, tasks, knowledge, and skills
  • Grasp the tasks for eliciting, analyzing, documenting, validating, and verifying requirements
  • Create a personalized test-taking strategy based on your strengths and opportunities
  • Capture the fundamental aspects of requirements management
  • Become confident of your business analysis skills and knowledge to apply for and sit for the exam
  • Become proficient with business analysis terminology
  • Discover how to complete the experience portion of the application with business analysis tools and techniques
  • Showcase your business analysis skills, knowledge, and experience through education and certification

The eligibility period of PBA exam is valid for one year after completing the PBA Training. The student can take the exam three times within the one year eligibility period. The one year eligibility periods began once the application has been approved. In order to get the PMI-PBA® certification training you must meet the following requirements.

  • Secondary degree, i.e., High school completion certificate, associate degree
  • 7500 hours (5 years) OR 45OO hours (3 Years) of work experience as a practitioner of business analyst.
  • Minimum 2000 hours of experience in working with the project management teams.

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