What Do Tutors Actually Do During SAT/ACT Tutoring?

SAT/ACT tutoring is a mystery to most high school goers. Before you can take the next step and procure the services of a tutor, it is important to understand exactly what you are getting into. Is it supervised homework? Do you really need to spend precious allowances with it, or can you just tutor yourself? This article answers some of these pressing questions.

Effective Tutors Will…Identify and Address Content Weaknesses

Tutors are most suitable for students who have difficulty understanding the content of SAT/ACT tests. The most important skill a tutor brings to the table is the ability to clarify certain aspects of taking an SAT/ACT test, like answering the questions. First and foremost, however, the tutor is supposed to interview you and understand your thinking process. That way, he/she will be able to explain the test material in a way that you will understand.

Tutors are supposed to ask you questions like the following to understand how to best help you;

“Explain to me how you would tackle this question. What process do you follow?”

“Why did you choose that answer? Can you defend your choice?”

“What is that question asking you?”

“Questions contain the answer which they seek. Can you figure out what clue this question is giving you about the answer?

SAT tutoring Palos hills tutors are able to focus on your needs and your needs alone because you are in a one-person classroom. A tutor is not supposed to just read out the answers in the back pages of the practice tests. That is something you can do on your won. Even if his voice sounds like Morgan Freeman, the work of a tutor is more than just reading out answers to you.

Effective Tutors Will…Help You Structure Your Studying

SAT tutoring Palos Park can help you set college goals and lend you a hand as you plot out a study schedule to achieve these goals. If accountability and motivation is an issue for you, tutors help draw your focus to what’s important, streamlining your study schedule. Just remember, set reasonable expectations, avoid disappointments, and be real to your abilities.

What to Expect

One of the first things your tutor will help you out with is a study plan. Below is an idea of what it might be.

So your SAT tutoring Tinley Park has helped you set a score of 1420 for your SAT, and you need to improve by 160+ points to reach that target. You are an average performer, but you focus on the GPA because it is more important for college admission. With the SAT eight weeks away, you still think there is enough time to study for the PSAT. To be quite honest, you say, you don’t see the brouhaha about test prep.


A good SAT tutoring palos heights tutor will not accuse you of being lazy. He/she will explain to you that the SATs are equally as important as your GPA, congratulate you on maintaining a high GPA score, and dig right into the preparation for your SAT test. He/she is supposed to suggest a reasonable amount of time for prepping, say 40 hours, exclusive of tutoring time. At five hours a week, the tutor will then work with you to plan what would be the best time to study for your impending SATs. Not only does the tutor help you pass your SATs, she/he will ensure that your experience studying for them is as smooth as possible.

DO NOT accept a generic study plan or any kind of negative talk from your tutor. Remember, they work for you, not the other way round.

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