What is reupholstery?

Most restaurant owners want to make the best investment out of their restaurant and therefore, they will make sure that they have bought the best restaurant booth factory that they can get in the market. Now, when you have the best quality booth but in over the years that have become somewhat old in appearance, what you need to do is revive them through the restaurant booth re-upholstery. It is the ideal solution that you need to bring up the fire and the live in your restaurant once again.

What is re-upholstery

Basically, it is bringing back to live that which has been deemed old. In simple terms. If you have some old restaurant booth factory, the best way to revive them without compromising over their quality is through the re-upholstery. Most people think that re-upholstery means recovering your furniture in the latest fabrics or whatsoever. It means a lot more than that and therefore, rather than throwing away what your restaurant booth manufacturer worked so hard to accomplish, re-upholstering them is the ideal solution.

The Restaurant booth reupholstery process

  • Remove the current existing upholstery from your restaurant booth seating down to the bare wood.
  • Next, you need to do a careful inspection on the frame and tighten the joints where necessary.
  • If need be, you need to replace the webs and the springs where necessary. If they are too old, replace them.
  • Do not forget to replace also the old padding and the stuffing where required.
  • Finally, after making sure that your restaurant booth seating is in great shape again, re-upholster the chairs and the sofa with the fabrics of your choice.

If you cannot handle the work alone, it is best that you leave it to the restaurant booth manufacturer. They can do the best work with your old restaurant booth factory.

Why re-upholstering is important

Surely, reupholstering your restaurant booth seating makes sure that you do not compromise over the quality and more to that, the same old great taste gets to remain with you and at your restaurant. Reupholstering process is a great process that make sure that you have revolutionized your café or restaurant into a new modernized look while retaining the same old coziness of your restaurants booths seating. Therefore, if you are unsure of what to do with your old booths, make sure to find the best restaurant booth manufacturer who will do the reupholstering process for you.

Techniques under the reupholstering process

Here are so many techniques that are involved in the traditional re-upholstery art. These include;

  • Taking down and the frame inspection.
  • Webbing and springing.

These are the reupholstery techniques that will make sure that your restaurant booth seating retains the same old but new taste.


As seen, reupholstery means retaining the old taste of your restaurant booth seating but using completely new upholstery finishing products. It is making sure that your restaurant booths have a complete change in how they look.

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