What you need to know about car types

Wether you are a car enthusiast or just need some information on your next car rental in Malaga airport to enjoy the beautiful Spanish coast, there are a few basics everyone should know about the different types of cars. Knowing a few basic facts will also help you to choose the perfect vehicle out of one of the cars offered by the hire car enterprises.

To start with, most car hire offices let you choose between a SUV, Minivan, Coupe, Crossover, Hatchback or small car. Depending on the number of people and your destinations, you will prefer some specific model.

SUV, for example, is short for “sports utility vehicle” which is similar to a station wagon or estate car. Also, SUVs are usually equipped with four-wheel drive and are suited for both on-road or off-road. An example is the BMW X1 2.0 SDRIVE.

Minivans, on the other side, are especially designed for passenger comfort and safety, and feature two or three rows of seating and large sliding doors. Most minivans have space for 7 to 9 passengers. This type of vehicle was invented by General Motors, today you can find a lot of brand, for example Volkswagen or Opel.

The coupe is a closed two-door car which usually has seating for two persons or with a tight-spaced rear seat. This type of car is suited if you aren´t a lot of people travelling.

Then, there are crossovers, which are essentially a mix between sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and a passenger vehicle.

Once you reserved the perfect car for your next vacation, you should be well prepared and inform yourself if you rent a car company offers some kind of shuttle service or how to find it, this link for example provides some useful information: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck9eNRNzoUo

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