Which are the Best Cars to Travel with Kids?

If we usually look for safety and comfort when travelling by car, this wish grows when we have kids. Children are an important issue when it comes to the means of transport. That is why the car you travel in must meet certain requirements. If you want to be sure about the safety of your car, you can always car hire Malaga. These are the best ones:

Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

With its 4.6 meters of length, this van is perfect for big families. However, its size will never be a problem, as it has an excellent manoeuvrability. This car is big enough to put strollers, suitcases and the children toys in, it even offers the possibility of installing a third row of extra seats!

Ford Grand C-Max

This is maybe one of the most stylish and comfortable vehicles in the market. Moreover, it is perfect to travel with kids, since it has a sensor that allows the boot door to open without using your hands. The camera located in the back of the car allows you to see any obstacle.

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