Why Chefs Love Lumpwood Charcoal (And Why You Should Too!)

Grilling is a way to cook and create a flavour for specific dishes. People who like to experience the smoky taste should explore the method. An essential part of the grilling process is the choice of charcoal. There are specific options available such as briquettes and lump wood. The following reasons make lumpwood charcoal ideal for chefs, and how you can take advantage.


Lumpwood charcoal is one option to use. Wood is the main component of the charcoal and comes from charring. An advantage why chefs like lumpwood comes from the heat. It can generate of up to 1400 F which can complement cooking. With the help of Eco firelighters, chefs can create sumptuous dishes from various meat, vegetables, or seafood.

Lumpwood also offers the flexibility of materials to generate flavour. You can get charcoal that comes from different hardwoods such as cherry, apple, and oak. Each charred material has a specific aroma that can affect the overall taste. Chefs combine different types of lumpwood and food seasoning to achieve particular consistency and texture.

Chefs use lumpwood due to its clean burn. Other charcoal types can have petrol which helps improve heat but affect the taste of food. Other brands also apply fillers such as glue which can become a mistake and affect one’s health. Instead of using the method, chefs can get Eco firelighters and lumpwood and grill food.

Finally, there is the advantage of cost. Different types of lumpwood are cheaper than gas-powered grills. You can easily access charcoal from stores and help you get started. Moreover, chefs can easily replace the item to match cooking requirements and control temperature.


Briquettes are an alternative type of charcoal that can help you grill food. Companies make the product out of pulverised charcoal and apply different types of fillers such as corn starch to bind. It comes in various shapes and sizes. The advantage of using the item comes from a steady and reliable burn. However, some items come with lighter fluid and affect the taste of your food.

Making Charcoal Work

You can also take advantage of charcoal like chefs. It is essential to familiarise with the temperature necessary to cook seafood, meat, and vegetables. For example, you need high heat to grill tuna and steaks. On the other hand, you require lower heat levels when handling chicken or pork chops. Vegetables use low heat and cook faster than meat or seafood.

Controlling heat is an essential skill you need to cook with charcoal. The technique involves putting lumpwood of the same size together. It can help distribute the heat evenly. Another strategy is to use a grill temperature. It will assist in identifying the suitable temperature that matches your requirements.

The Bottom Line

Overall, using lumpwood charcoal gives you the chance to cook like a professional chef. The lumpwood helps you create a smoky flavour and add a new taste through different types. Make sure to always check the brand of charcoal and get ones that help you grill better. While it may take practice to perfect, it will surely be a valuable skill for outdoor cooking.

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