Why choose a board certified ophthalmologist

The need for an eye doctor is necessary at one point, no matter if you are going for a routine check-up or you have more serious issues. So how can you choose the right doctor? There are many aspects to look into and besides education and training, you can also check if there is a board certified ophthalmologist within your area. If you happen to be in Florida, you can consider Thomas Quigley, MD.

A person has to go through years of education and training to become a medical professional and a board certified ophthalmologist meets additional standards that goes beyond licensing. Of course, there are different specialization levels and when you need a doctor, you should know which one is able to help and provide the right services. Based on their level of specialization they conduct basic check-ups or are fully capable of conducting surgeries. An eye care professional has different titles that indicate their level of education and training and why it is recommended for people who have certain vision problems to seek a certified professional.

First of all, the optometrist is not a medical doctor and to gain the title, a Doctor of Optometry degree is required. The license they have allow them to practice only optometry, examining eyes, giving prescription glasses and contact lenses. In some cases, they are able to prescribe medication as well, but they are not qualified to treat eye problems of all kind. In this case, people need to see an ophthalmologist, as they are gully qualified in looking after the eye and treating it. They can identify various diseases and propose medication and to give you a better insight, their education is similar to the one of an oral surgeon. For example, patients suffering from cataracts need to find a reliable eye doctor that knows everything about the issue and ophthalmologist Thomas Quigley, MD, is more than suitable in this case. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field and a very good reputation for surgical skills.

Another eye professional title that people encounter is the optician, the person that construct the glasses or dispenses the contact lenses. They have the proper techniques and utensils to match the glasses with the prescription. Based on your requirements and on your eye needs, what type of issue you suffer from, you can find the right specialist and at least now you know what each title stands for and how to identify the right provider. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the differences between the eye doctor types and in many cases, they end up in the wrong place. It is essential knowing the level of extent and the great lengths that ophthalmologists go through in order to receive their certificate and offer their services to those in need.

People aspiring for the title have to go through four years of college and after graduation, gain the entry into medical school. Afterwards, a four-year residency is needed, as doctors will specialize in the desired area of medicine. But how does an ophthalmologist receive the board certification? After graduating the medical school and the four-year residency, those who want to specialize in this field have to sign a pledge and take an exam. In order to complete the exam, administrated by the American Board of Ophthalmology, one or two years are required. It is a two-part exam, the first one being the Written Qualifying Exam and after passing it, they can take the oral exam. After they receive the certification, they earn a title and can include the designation after their name and mention MD. The certification’s duration is ten years and it is valid afterwards only if the eye doctor continues education and fulfill requirements.

This is why when you see a professional with the title, you have the certainty that person has gone through all possible means to receive the medical license and is always up to date with everything that happens in the domain. A lot of responsibility comes with the title, but such eye doctors are held to a higher standard and there are highly committed to what they do and helping people that suffer from different eye issues and diseases.

Do you need a fully specialized and skilled eye doctor to trust when it comes to your eyes? In that case, look for a board certified ophthalmologist. If you want a good recommendation, don’t hesitate and discuss directly with Thomas Quigley, MD ( https://www.quigleyeye.com/doctor-quigley.php ) , a specialist in cataracts.

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