Why do we need Green Architecture ?

Architecture, construction and new builder flats have shown rapid increase in a few years. Its good to see the infrastructure of the country growing by leaps and bound. Standard of living has improved as people now want lavish homes and offices. However, in between all this what we are forgetting is the harm that we are causing to our own environment in which we are residing. Lot of trees are cut, green spaces have to be foregone to construct buildings. Unknowingly we are harming the environment which is the cause of our existence. This is where the role of Green architecture comes into picture. Green architecture is that branch of architecture which focusses on adopting environment friendly construction techniques, methods and materials. For example building a thermally insulated cavity wall between the inner and outer brick wall. This leads to an optimum temperature inside the building. According to architecture firms in Delhi thermal insulation is a very important aspect of green architecture. Second comes rain water harvesting which is essential to judicially use natural source of water rather than letting it go in drains. Terrace garden designers also have a say in this area. They suggest that green building should have vertical greenery / vertical green walls in lieu of what damage has been done in terms of deforestation. Using special reflective layers on the window glasses also helps in thermal insulation. It helps in reflecting back the summer heat and retaining the winter heat thus maintaining an optimum temperature inside the premises of the building. Secondly sunlight detector lights can be used. Such light fittings automatically adjust their power according to the amount of natural light coming from outside the building. Using taps that allow only a very less flow of water helps in conversing water. These aspects if adopted in some way or other can really help the nature in the long run.

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