Why Microsoft Access is Great to Use?

Most people aren’t aware of what Microsoft Access is even though it has been around for a long time. Access is simply a part of the Microsoft Office Suite and sometimes it might not come in all versions of MS-Office. So, you need to make sure that the office suite which you have purchased has it.

Components of Microsoft Access

MS Access database consist of seven components -


Do you know tables are the storage and backbone container of the data that is entered in a database? Now if the tables aren’t properly set up, in the correct relationships, you might have a database which is slow and one which provides wrong results or might not react in the way that you really want.

Now there is no harm in taking some time while you are setting the tables. Keep in mind that forms, queries, etc are simply based on the table. So, when you open these tables, they might look like the tables present in Microsoft Excel or Word. Similar to these Microsoft tools, they will be having the same kind of columns and rows. And each of the columns will be having field name right at the top and each row will be like a record.


Like relationships in life, these are bonds which you use to create among tables. Frankly, they are used for joining the tables having associated elements. Most importantly, there are fields in each table which are linked to each other and contain the same values.


These are nothing but the means for manipulating the data which gets displayed in a report or form. Now queries can easily help in calculating, sorting, joining tables, filtering, deleting data, updating data, etc. No doubt their power is great and immense.

The database query language of Microsoft Access is SQL (Structured Query Language). Now at the early stages of learning Access, you don’t need to know SQL. Here Microsoft Access will be writing the SQL codes, and that too after you instruct what you want, especially in the design view of the window queries.


The primary interface by which users enter data in the database is through forms. Now individuals who are entering data will be interacting with forms on regular basis. In addition, it is the programmer who will set the forms to display the data which will be only required.

Through the usage of properties, queries, VBA and macros, you can easily set the functions like adding, editing and even deleting data.


Now reports are nothing but the results of data manipulation which you have put in the database. So, unlike other forms, these cannot be edited. Also, reports are often intended for outputting data into another application or device such as fax, printer, etc.


The automatic means for the Access to just carry out the series of actions of the database is macros. Here the access means a series of actions that needs to be carried out as per the order that you are entering.


These are the basis of any programming language and extensive supported in Microsoft Access. Module windows are where you can write as well as store VBA (Visual Basic For Application).

The primary usage of Microsoft Access is to store huge amount of data. Now this information can be shown to users by using forms and reports.

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